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Because nothing says lifelink like spontaneous lamprey-itis. Seriously, that art is terrifying.
Posted By: DaLucaray (4/24/2014 5:04:50 PM)


Somewhere between Vampire's Bite and Cutthroat Maneuver.
Posted By: HuntingDrake (4/24/2014 10:04:31 PM)


Wacky, waving, inflatable arm-flailing tube-men.
Wacky, waving, inflatable arm-flailing tube-men.
Wacky, waving, inflatable arm-flailing- Oh dear gods their eating my face!
Posted By: Shadowcaster3975 (4/25/2014 11:54:37 PM)


I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going...
Posted By: Vogie (4/25/2014 5:42:29 AM)


Is this implying there's a nice way to eat someone alive?
Posted By: Kirbster (4/28/2014 2:50:13 PM)


It may not be terribly good compared to other cards (see Mortal's Ardor) but Cruel Feeding was hilarious in Limited. There are few things more Timmy than turning a desperate chump-blocking of a 256/256 Heroes' Bane into a dead chump blocker and 257 bonus life.
Posted By: volkiteSerpenta (4/27/2014 4:34:30 AM)


@Kirbster: Well, one could argue that the way many parasites feed on their hosts is quite kind in comparison to the way that predators do it, with them gradually feeding on them over time and usually without any immediate pain, while predators, by definition, kill and devour their prey in a pretty gruesome fashion.
Posted By: Tiggurix (5/9/2014 7:55:33 AM)


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