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Unlike Yew Spirit and Chameleon Colossus, the power up is near permanent with +1/+1 counters.
Posted By: Cyberium (4/24/2014 7:52:24 PM)


Heroes' bane sounds more like a title for a legendary creature than the name of a beast.
Posted By: RAV0004 (4/25/2014 5:16:14 PM)


could have easily turned this into a Hydra Lord, but regardless still a decent card overall, and only gets bigger
Posted By: reaper1203 (4/24/2014 8:59:40 PM)


@Continue Nylea, God of the Hunt
Posted By: sweetgab (4/24/2014 10:47:50 PM)


Kalonian Hydra version 2.

The rarity going from mythic to normal rare made it lose trample unfortunately...
Posted By: BolasEvilPlan (4/25/2014 12:51:15 AM)


Yew Spirit, Chameleon Colossus got themselves a brother on Theros.
Posted By: anotherfan321 (4/24/2014 6:45:59 PM)


My inner Timmy is going crazy right now. Holyshitholyshitholyshit, this card is awesome. If only it had trample...
Posted By: Continue (4/24/2014 4:06:14 PM)


For sheer lulz, this plus Wild Defiance plus Aspect of Hydra would make it a 20/20 until end of turn and a 14/14 thereafter. And there's nothing keeping you from using the ability again next turn.

Seriously though, the number of anthems and temp buffs means you have access to, this can easily be over 10/10 the turn after it comes out.
Posted By: RedJaron (4/25/2014 3:07:41 PM)


I had this and Hydra Broodmaster at the pre-release and went W/G heroes and hydras. I didn't lose a single match.
Posted By: CaptainNV (4/26/2014 4:45:24 PM)


Fun to play, but sorely wants trample. Thankfully, there happen to be a few cards that grant that...I mean, you are playing green. Plus, the ability is buckets of fun on toast. Seriously, the ability to double the counters -- multiple times per turn, mind you -- is something that my Timmy squeals in delight at. In short, fun to play, becomes a massive creature, but sorely needs trample and holds the risk of getting destroyed after you pour all your mana into it.
So pack in some protection, slap some trample on it, and smash away.
Posted By: LynxLegend (4/26/2014 7:27:32 PM)