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So, let me get this straight;
It's a spellbook.
That's also a somewhat worse version of Omnath, Locus of Mana, so whenever steps, turns, or phases end, you can keep all your mana forever for the low low cost of it becoming colorless?
I imagine Kruphix owning a bank, storing mana and cards for as long as you need.
Posted By: MasterOfParadox (4/24/2014 4:55:47 PM)


In my mind, this is the best general for Enchantress EDH to date.
1. He's an enchantment, so he triggers enchantress effects when cast.
2. Enchantments are hard to deal with, therefore great for enabling devotion.
3. Enchantress is very good at drawing cards; the no hand limit thing does a lot of good.
4. There are plenty of enchantments like Helix Pinnacle that serve as great mana sinks for all the extra mana Kruphix is gonna get you.
If only he were also white.
Posted By: cyclicide (4/24/2014 2:34:06 PM)


Kruphix, God of EDH is more like it.

Also, the mana becomes colorless not to weaken the ability,
but to prevent a whole mess of memory issues.
Posted By: drpvfx (4/24/2014 8:37:08 PM)


Dear Kruphix

Flavorfully, you are by far the best of the Gods. You know the secrets of Nyx. While they others are off squabbling with each other and now the mortals, you're chilling out on the edge of the world thinking about how to create and destroy Gods, twist and unravel reality, and whatever else goes on in your beautiful starry head. You are Blue and Green, my favorite combination of mana by far and probably the wisest.

Your card takes some thinking, though. Many other Gods, like Mogis, Purphoros, or Athreos, are big, splashy, and make you say "wow" when you see them. You, on the other hand, are subtle, crafty.

Kruphix the God, you are about infinite possibilities, opening your eyes to the world around you and the power within you. This card portrays that beautifully- I, the Planeswalker, under your guidance, can manage my resources and knowledge in ways other planeswalkers dream of.

Kruphix, you are by far my f... (see all)
Posted By: DaLucaray (4/24/2014 5:39:48 PM)


Green/Blue just earned themselves a hell of a Commander. Truthfully, he needs a bit of building around to be really useful, but he'll be a lot of fun if you're willing to put in some extra effort.
Posted By: TheWallinator74 (4/24/2014 5:38:49 PM)


Kruphix makes a pretty crazy U/G general IMO. A little bit more subtle than Prime Speaker, but definitely a powerhouse. No maximum hand size might seem underwhelming, but this is U/G, the colors that love to ramp and draw cards. The mana sink ability benefits control, combo, or just slamming big fatties onto the table alike. In other decks as a part of the 99, he is still a worthy addition. At the worst, you get an indestructible Reliquary Tower, that you can Green Sun from your library, to just stockpile excess mana into for the rest of the game.
Posted By: Sanctuary_Cat (4/24/2014 7:22:49 PM)


I still think the colorless mana restriction was unnecessary.
This should simply have been a one-sided Upwelling instead.

An excellent EDH card, sure. But it could have been more fun.
Posted By: Mode (4/24/2014 4:58:47 PM)


While this is not the highest P/T God to hit the board, both abilities are insane for standard G/u Devotion or Bant Control strategies. For Devotion, multiple Monstrosity creatures can be activated, or X spells can be huge, and Mistcutter Hydra will be a giant, any wasted mana from Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx sticks around for later use, and Curse of the Swine can wipe a board. For no max hand size, Garruk, Caller of Beasts can overflow your hand.
Bant Control gets huge Sphinx's Revelation and Syncopate.
This would also compliment a Blue-based BUG Phenax Mill strategy, and this card has Commander written all over it.
Posted By: Shovel_The_Walk (4/24/2014 4:57:13 PM)


Think of all the potential use for those mana stored by Kruphix and the no maximum hand size is cherry on the toppings.
Posted By: lordchimera (4/24/2014 8:52:29 PM)


"Hmm...wait. Where'd Kruphix get his +1/+1 counters?"


"Those dice; what are they?"

"These?...These are 'mana, manaaa, mana dice, mana manaa, mana dice.'"

"Ok, you're done."

"Oh-oh-oh-o-ooohhhh o-o-oh!"

"Revoke Existence. I said you're DONE."

Posted By: Aelvr (5/15/2014 12:07:49 PM)


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