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Standard BG Dredge is going to love this. Graveyard fuel that also lets you grab your Whip of Erebos? Awww yeah.
Posted By: Continue (4/24/2014 4:14:18 PM)


Drink deep. Oh wait, no sorry, not a font. Dig deep. Real deep, for enchantments!
Posted By: anotherfan321 (4/24/2014 6:54:31 PM)


probably the most solid card in the set. Incidentally a common.

I really want enchantment lands :C
Posted By: RAV0004 (4/25/2014 5:33:14 PM)


Yah so... this tutors for Strength from the Fallen, Whip of Erebos, Nighthowler, Nyx Weaver, Deadbridge Chant, AND Pharika, God of Affliction.... all while making any and all of them better.

B/G Graveyard Constellation is so, so, so going to be a thing.
Posted By: mattrva77 (4/29/2014 2:02:43 PM)


4x this
4x Wreath of Geists
4x Fatestitcher
2x Artful Dodge
and many other creatures
Posted By: kronos1225 (5/7/2014 3:44:26 AM)


This was an absolute all-star for me at the prerelease. Sure, I was playing GBW constellation, and about 80% of my nonland cards were enchantments, but I never failed to get less than two cards off this baby and it was usually three. Fantastic advantage in the right deck.
Posted By: Ruaranicus (5/12/2014 5:23:15 AM)


This card is absolutely ridiculous when you've built your deck to abuse it.
Cherry pick the top six (minus land)?
If there's any G/X/x Enchantment deck, I'm going to be impressed if this doesn't make it into the 75.
Posted By: infernox10 (5/15/2014 2:50:17 AM)


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