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To everyone saying this card is inferior to fresh meat, this card only needs one dead creature to make three wolves, while fresh meat needs one to do anything at all (not to mention that it has to be your creatures that dies). 4 creatures need to die for fresh meat to surpass this, which is generally quite a lot. I can't see a turn 4 fresh meat paying off nearly as often as this one. Obviously fresh meat is better if you suffer a massive board wipe, but this can get you something from nothing, and if worst comes to worst it's still a 2/2 flash for 4.

So, in my opinion, this is the superior card the majority of the time.
Posted By: Sabisent (6/4/2014 10:08:31 AM)


Very good card. Being an instant means Morbid won't be too hard to trigger. And honestly, even getting just 1 2/2 wolf at Instant speed is pretty good.
Posted By: anotherfan321 (6/4/2014 5:58:12 PM)


I don't get all these comparisons to Fresh Meat. Fresh Meat gives you no power if nothing died, 3 if one thing died, 6 if two things died, 9 if three things died, etc. Predator's Howl gives you 2 power if nothing died, and 6 power if one or more things died. Fresh Meat only outstrips Predator's Howl if at least two creatures have died, and Fresh Meat only triggers if your creatures dying, versus Predator's Howl triggering off the deaths of your opponent's creatures. They strike me as two different cards with two very different purposes.
Posted By: Valencio (6/5/2014 4:46:25 AM)


It doesn't want to be Fresh Meat. It's a multiplayer card. You benefit anyone loses a creature.
Posted By: BloodSpill (6/4/2014 4:54:55 AM)


Fresh Meat, Oh how you've fallen. Nice card for wolf tribal though.
Posted By: Earthdawn (6/3/2014 4:23:44 PM)


Yeah, outside of draft there's not much reason to play this over Fresh Meat. Nonetheless it gets you a good board position for only four mana, and after a boardwipe it can be a huge tip of the scales in your favor.
Posted By: DaLucaray (6/3/2014 6:05:21 PM)


Seems like a fun and decent card. I will have to echo what the rest have said thus far in that it is not Fresh Meat, but it isn't trying to BE fresh meat.
Posted By: Bbone37 (6/10/2014 12:07:51 PM)


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