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@robertj60: I just found that out myself, instead of Legal it should say Restricted, otherwise it totally blows the utility of the Sets & Legality tab...
Posted By: LeoKula (10/6/2009 9:41:29 AM)


This has nothing to do with Scry 3 & draw one card. Thsi lets you draw three cards and put any cards from your hand on top of the library. Scry doesn't give you any cards, but it let's you put the cards you're looking at the bottom of the library.

So cry 3 & draw a card let's you draw only one card but it van be any if the four on top of your library. This doesn't let you draw the fourth card but this let's you keep all three you draw. Much more powerfull than Scry 3 & draw.
Posted By: tavaritz (7/6/2011 4:07:26 AM)


This is basically just a scry 3 then draw a card except that it can trigger any draw effects. This is perfect for any deck with a lorescale coatl
Posted By: danyo622 (5/4/2011 8:47:31 AM)


Why doesn't this and Ponder say restricted in Vintage?
Posted By: robertj60 (11/13/2008 10:18:03 AM)


Brainstorm and ponder don't kill your opponent,
it's what they can fetch that has to be restricted.
In normal decks they "only" help your strategy and get you one normal card.
Posted By: Trancefo (11/25/2008 8:03:55 AM)


It's restricted in Type1 because in Type1, there are a lot of other cards that are Restricted, and this acts like the poor man's Ancestral Recall in a way, and not only that it's one Blue to draw 3 and put two back you don't need yet and gather a HUGE storm count. It's a great card. Any card giving you three cards for one Blue Mana, even if you do have to put two back, is good.

Ponder does basically the same thing, and even let's you shuffle if you don't like it, which is why it too is restricted.
Posted By: SlackWareWolf (7/26/2009 1:47:59 PM)