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Fire the Brain Lasers!!
Posted By: desolation_masticore (4/19/2011 6:47:53 AM)


mind spring has nothing on the flip flop milling power LOVE IT
Posted By: MrDressup (5/15/2010 10:38:39 AM)


Works well in Dimir/mill, epsecially with Underworld Dreams & Megrim
Posted By: Ibn_Shisha (6/16/2010 6:13:09 PM)


I prefer Invoke the firemind for its possibility on damage, but in a infinite-mana deck, it is more usefull, since it can deck your opponent.
Posted By: Dilleux_Lepaire (11/20/2008 8:42:00 AM)


did you forget to season this?

yes....i left out all the "good card".
Posted By: Hydrogoose (3/16/2009 3:34:46 AM)


Every time I read that card text, I imagine physically struggling with an opponent to make them draw the cards, all the while they scream "No! NO! I don't want it! Noooooo!"
Posted By: PolskiSuzeren (8/30/2011 7:25:26 AM)


Blue Sun's Zenith's Blue-cheaper, non-recurring ancestor.
Posted By: jfre81 (11/23/2011 9:37:07 PM)


Surprised this hasn't been made into a Judge Reward yet. I love this art, it's iconic, but we need a not-so-silly variant.

Or, you know, reprint it in an upcoming set. Oh, you've put it on the reserve list? Well, never mind, then.
Posted By: Reliquium (1/20/2012 1:23:01 AM)


It's quite clear Wizards had yet to figure out what they were doing back when they were first getting started.

I mean, they had a card, in the same color, that says "Draw 3" for U.
Then, in the same set, they had a card that says "Draw X" for XUU.

This just doesn't add up.

Of course, they've long since gotten their bearings, having learned from mistakes like that. Personally, I say this is a rather well-balanced card by terms of M13 standard. If I remember correctly, there's a card that says "Draw 3" for CMC5, so with this card and X = 3, you're right on the money.
Posted By: Doghealer (8/25/2012 9:55:10 PM)


grixis deck with this, spellbook, smelt, liliana's caress, and a donate. The combo is donate the spellbook to your opponent, play liliana's caress, wait untill you get a ton of mana, then play this making your opponent draw a bunch of cards without milling him and smelt the spellbook. He discards all the cards and liliana's caress makes him lose tons of life, effectively killing him. So, what do you think?
Posted By: Lord_of_phyrexia (11/4/2013 3:49:02 PM)