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Replying to a year-old comment, but...
@aradimar For that exact reason, as well as being able to get Steam Vents, Tropical Island, and other non-basic islands/plains that this land and other fetches like this are almost always preferable to Terramorphic
Posted By: Razbot (6/25/2011 9:01:17 AM)


Yeah, the art is uninspired. But there's no question that what you are looking at is, indeed, a flooded strand.
Posted By: PatrickWR (1/14/2013 5:51:12 PM)


Pay 1 life. You can now play 59 cards. Am i right?
Posted By: Winhert (5/11/2013 11:02:22 AM)


Rob Alexander got a bit lazy doing the art for this and Skycloud Expanse.
Posted By: djflo (7/19/2011 9:14:37 AM)


In standard?
Posted By: Keegan__ (5/22/2009 12:01:23 PM)


is the onslaught block still even in extended? lol
Posted By: Raveknight (5/27/2009 7:45:34 PM)


The opposing-color set of these lands is now in Zendikar.
Great fetch-lands. This set and its Zen cohorts should be reprinted in 2011.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (1/25/2010 10:32:54 PM)


Admittedly, the way the card seems to have come into existence doesn't look THAT intensive on WotC's part. It's basically just Flood Plain that exchanges entering the battlefield tapped for costing you 1 life. Interesting that that essentially justifies shifting the rarity from uncommon to rare. (Such a breakneck rush...Anyone else in favor of finding a way to slow down the game pace in all formats?)

I can't say I'm keen on the idea of using these lands primarily to have an oblique <60 cards deck, though (as seems to be the case in many Commander decks, such as including this in a Teysa, Orzhov Scion deck--it doesn't actually breach color identity rules, but...). That conceit didn't strike me well even when it was a selling point for Ice Age cantrips, and my view of exact-same-gameplay-each-time-at-all-costs hasn't improved since then (see also how I tend to raise an eyebrow at the idea of someone including a cascade card JUST for the cascade)... (see all)
Posted By: SkyknightXi (4/4/2013 10:07:18 AM)


one of the best mana-fixers in standard. can fetch a lot more nowadays
Posted By: nubiop (1/14/2009 6:29:41 PM)


I have a signed one of these, by the artist.
Posted By: gongshowninja (5/14/2010 8:19:47 PM)


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