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Like Intruder Alarm this makes an infinite combo with that one card. Um what was it? Oh yeah. All of them
Posted By: umumwhatshisname (5/5/2011 6:55:37 AM)


Heh, combine this with Spawnsire of Ulamog and you have the mana required to play its big power in the same turn. Infinite mana for the win. Getting all your Eldrazi spells and creatures out by turn 5-6 should make for fun casual, multiplayer games, best part is that Spawnsire doesn't come with any special cast into play only power so cheating it out doesn't lose you anything.
Posted By: LiquidPanda (4/9/2010 11:31:57 AM)


sliver queen ftw :P
Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (7/11/2011 9:28:49 PM)


kinda cool with exotic orchard for a spirit deck
Posted By: metalevolence (11/19/2009 11:37:58 PM)


fun to abuse with:
Mirror Entity
and don't forget
Forbidden Orchard
Posted By: mabo (1/19/2011 10:27:22 AM)


This forms a little infinite saproling/mana combo with Sprout Swarm.

If you have 3 Saps and 3 mana you tap for 2, tap 3 saps, add a sap to the battlefield:
this adds 3 mana to your pool
Tap the one mana, use the 3 in your pool, tap the sap
this adds 4 mana to your pool
tap the sap, use the 4 mana
this adds up to 5 mana to your pool
tap the sap... ... ...

Just gets better/easier the more saps/mana you start with. Can pull this combo as early as Turn 3 with the right setup. Keep in mind it requires saps. Don't try it with elves or something..
Posted By: blurrymadness (6/3/2011 1:47:08 PM)


Time to pull out the ol' Pentavus.
Posted By: Gabbalis (7/20/2011 3:48:43 PM)


I can't wait to use this with the Eldrazi Spawn "ritual" cards such as Birthing Brood and Skittering Invasion...it's easy to put tons of colorless mana to use on Eldrazi! A single Skittering Invasion, provided that you control zero eldrazi before it resolves, will generate 20 mana just off the Mana Echoes triggers (with 5 more latent mana in the Spawn). That's enough to cast any of the Eldrazi titans, or even to go off with Spawnsire of Ulamog.
Posted By: Rasel (4/18/2010 8:04:22 AM)


now that mana burn is gone, use this with sliver queen, and you have yourself and infinite amount of slivers
Posted By: stille_nacht (4/20/2010 6:35:13 PM)


Surprised this combo hasn't been mentioned before:

With this, Sprout Swarm and four saprolings in play, you can get infinite saprolings and infinite colorless mana. Play sprout swarm with its buyback cost paid, get 4 mana from Mana Echoes, play sprout swarm again by using the 4 mana and convoking the saproling you just put into play for {G} (convoking does ignore summoning sickness). Repeat the process indefinitely, gaining additional colorless mana each time.
Posted By: raptorjesus69 (6/1/2011 9:43:47 AM)