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I don't think it would have hurt to have "put a +1/+1 on each artifact creature you control." Forcing you to use him with other modular guys really makes building a deck around him restrictive.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (10/11/2011 10:54:55 AM)


I love this guy with a Paradox Haze or two, maybe even 3 or 4, on the field.
Posted By: Alzhander (11/30/2009 7:18:27 PM)


Basically the arcbound lord. I'm sure it doesn't need to be said, but playing a Modular deck with him can get extremely out-of-hand for your opponents very quickly. I especially like the idea of teaming him up with Arcbound Reclaimer. Modular dude dies, feeds an Arcbound Crusher or something, Overseer makes everything bigger, Reclaimer resurrects the dead Modular dude, it dies again, feeds the Crusher, rinse, repeat. Fun.
Posted By: Zulp (1/17/2010 10:55:42 AM)


I love Arcbounds.
Posted By: Woozly (7/20/2011 12:55:48 AM)


The good Arcbound critters: This guy, Arcbound Worker, Arcbound Slith, Arcbound Stinger, Arcbound Fiend and maybe Arcbound Reclaimer.

Still, building a decent deck around them is not easy. Energy Chambers, proliferate, mana accel stuff (Sphere of Suns and Everflowing Chalice come to mind) can build a dcent support system, but the biggest problem is they're too vulnerable while you amass an army of them.
Posted By: djflo (11/10/2011 6:35:21 AM)


@FaitAccompli: Yes, the ruling is still accurate. The same state-based actions that would remove those counters notes that the creature has 0 or less toughness, and the creature is put into the graveyard from the battlefield. The counters are never removed because it doesn't matter; the creature is dead anyway. Then modular triggers, notices that the card's last known information included +1/+1 counters on it, and let's you move them.

I love this guy. I would love even more though if there were an Arcbound lord that had you put +1/+1 counters on another artifact creature when any of your artifact creatures go to the graveyard; practically granting modular to all of your guys. Now that would be impression. Still, I have fun playing with the Overseer even if there are only 12 Arcbound creatures (some are really good, though, like the Arcbound Ravager and Arcbound Crusher djiflo neglected to mention in his list, and Arcbound Fien... (see all)
Posted By: sarroth (8/20/2012 2:54:41 PM)


@3045: Paradox Haze does stack: at the beginning of Upkeep #1, all your Paradox Hazes trigger, and each of them inserts their extra Upkeep just after the original. The end result is that if Paradox Hazes A, B, C and D resolve in that order, you'd end up with:
Upkeep #1, Extra Upkeep D, Extra Upkeep C, Extra Upkeep B, Extra Upkeep A
Posted By: Grumman (9/20/2012 6:35:33 PM)


8 colorless mana isnt bad at all i run these in a deck with myrs and other random stupid mana producing stuff with the urza lands and usually get this out on the 4th turn not bad for casual games with 6 people in them
Posted By: lickthemoose (10/11/2009 2:42:25 AM)


I never fail to win if I am able to play this. Pity I never get to play it.
Posted By: ClockworkSwordfish (1/18/2010 12:44:22 PM)


Arcbound Overseer. He's pretty cool. Really, really expensive, but that's what you get for a 6/6 that transfers his +1/+1 counters after death and adds more with each turn he's on the board.
Posted By: Treima (5/8/2009 9:28:57 AM)


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