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Oddly enough, Remove Soul still works on him.
Posted By: Kirbster (12/28/2010 12:15:45 PM)


Me and my friends are pauper fanatics but we play a house variant we call Peasant Highlander, really it's a traditional 60 card pauper deck with one uncommon creature in the command zone, no deck restrictions but all the same rules apply for your commander (barring the legendary factor), that said, in my zombie pauper, this guy is my commander and he is a TANK, Gempalm Polluter? common. Shepherd of rot? common. Festering Goblin & carrion feeder? all common. Even the first printing of Nantuko husk is common. you could play a pauper deck like that and steamroll other non-pauper zombie decks simply because polluters, soulless one, and Shepherds buff off all the zombies on the battlefield, try it sometime!
Posted By: Osprey_93 (2/15/2013 2:47:39 PM)


Works great with zombies with cycling. Like Gempalm polluter or Twisted Abomination. When he comes out he is already boosted from the cycled zombies
Posted By: Razorfist (7/15/2009 5:33:25 PM)


Soulless One is a good heavy hitter that sadly does not have a form of evasion. Though it makes up for it with its cost to power/toughness ratio in most cases. Really Soulless One forces your opponents to use up removal if they can, or keep a strong cast of chump blockers. While this is not exactely impossible for your opponents to do, often your Soulless One plays a support role unless your opponent is left undefended or you draw a Cover Of Darkness, or a Zombie Trailblazer.

If you do get an opening Soulless One is a game ender when ran in a zombie deck. To create an opening for an attack consider running Fleshbag Marauders, Nameless Inversions, and Festering Goblins (for removing chump blockers).

Souless One is good for chipping away at opponents defenses, possing as a strong blocker, and dealing huge damage to players.

To get the most out of Soulless One you should run i... (see all)
Posted By: Silverware (9/29/2010 2:13:11 AM)


Great zombie, though, personally, I'd rather have quantity over quality, and although Gempalm Polluter and Twisted Abomination pump him pretty well, I usually feel this guy is only a threat when you've got unblockable zombies with Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and Zombie Master in play, and that's usually when ~ is going to eat your opponent's Terminate or X removal. Otherwise, ~ is just one huge body that beats chump blockers until your opponent pulls an answer to him.

The 4cc mana cost for the ability I think is probably a little high, given that most of the other avatars had an ability which worked out better than counting the grave towards */* (ie, lifelink, flying, haste, etc).

Nonetheless, I still think this is a staple of pretty much any zombie deck.
Posted By: CXA26483 (8/25/2009 8:29:27 AM)


Doesn't look like a ginger to me, but whatever.
Posted By: Goatllama (11/14/2011 7:55:45 PM)


Posted By: Nikeyeia (6/6/2011 2:12:55 AM)