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Good ol' Uncle Fester is about the best 1 drop zombie common ever.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (3/24/2010 3:49:41 AM)


He was best friends with Carrion Feeder in the day.
Posted By: Kirbster (11/28/2010 3:17:26 PM)


@misago just a tip ... we all can see your name even if you dont say that after your comment
Posted By: Szentekkel (8/10/2011 8:39:20 AM)


(Card Rating: 4.0) Festering Goblin can be an early game attacker while having the potential to become a pesky 1/1 creature's nightmare. By itself, the Festering Goblin is able to take out a 2/2 creature or finish off a creature granting an extra -1/-1. Because the ability does not do damage, Festering Goblin can get rid of small regenerators like Drudge Skeletons or Will-o'-the-Wisp. One drawback to this card is that the triggered ability is not optional. In other words, if your opponent has no creatures, he can destroy Festering Goblin in order to kill two of yours! In my black/red casual goblin deck, I try not to run goblins with a toughness of 1 that will be susceptible to this gruesome tactic, such as: Knucklebone Witch, Goblin Chirurgeon, etc. Even with the new change in rules from M10, Festering Goblin still is not as effecient as the "all so famous" aut... (see all)
Posted By: Misago (5/19/2010 6:35:50 PM)


I'll take fume spitter over uncle fester if we're going pound for pound, necropede if I want the colorless version with infect. It all had to start somewhere though, right.
Posted By: Mike-C (4/13/2011 9:10:10 PM)


Limited: Good
Standard: Passable
Extended: ...
Modern: ...
Legacy: Doubtful
Vintage: ...

=> 2.8/5 + 1.0 bonus point for art & flavor text.
Posted By: YawgmothsWish (2/20/2012 10:09:23 PM)


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