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A variant of green creature delivering more mana for your turn.
Posted By: Crabby (6/26/2009 1:28:27 AM)


It's okay but there are cards that do the same for less mana.
Posted By: Deepfried-Owls (4/19/2011 5:23:31 AM)


T1: Forest, Wild Growth
T2: Mountain, This Guy
T3: Forest, Silvos, Rogue Elemental
T4: Forest, Giant Growth, Assault Strobe, Whispersilk Cloak
Posted By: SirZapdos (9/5/2011 2:35:03 PM)


Leafdrake Roost
Posted By: Ibn_Shisha (7/13/2011 6:26:50 PM)


The flavor of this card gets a 4 from me. it's the very essence of green.
Posted By: Richochet_Shaman (9/11/2011 9:52:46 AM)


I think many of the creatures that untap lands usually untap Forests. This one untaps any land.
Posted By: wholelottalove (10/26/2012 10:58:59 AM)


strictly worse than Voyaging Satyr, Krosan Restorer, and usually worse than Stone-Seeder Hierophant

Posted By: Wormfang (9/27/2013 4:53:19 AM)


"Whoa, dude, has anyone else seen these leaves?!"
Posted By: BlakeHN (2/2/2014 2:05:25 AM)


Le druid........... Brace yourself, here comes the meme comments
Posted By: Burningsickle (3/19/2014 6:46:32 PM)