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I love using this in my EDH games. Scion of the Ur-Oyster? Noggle Overlord? Ib Halfheart, Sand Tactician? Takeno, Phelldagrif General?
Posted By: WhiteRoseDuelist (2/12/2010 7:28:47 AM)


I have no idea how this card is not rated higher... it has practically limitless applications and can be absolutely devastating on both offense and defense.

You could use this to Tudor for a cost of one off of any other card that allows you to search your library for a "blank".

Throw it on the Zektar Shrine Expedition and turn it into a Merfolk... which will combo well with your Lord of Atlantis and your Convincing Mirage.

This is a total sandbox card, use it well!

Posted By: Gaussgoat (2/17/2010 11:54:07 AM)


This definitely has some strategical thinking come along with it. It would be good against a deck of a single creature type, but other than that, not so much. But if that's the deck you want to make, sweet card. Potentially stealing buffs as well.
Posted By: Darien1 (4/19/2009 9:46:41 PM)


A great, very flexible card. If you're into combos with this card, rather than countering them, there's a long list of cards you could use alongside it. Tivadar's Crusade, Undead Slayer, Dwarven Demolition Team... you name it. For every card based on destruction of a specific creature type, Artificial Evolution is definitely a way to go.

Then again, you could counter almost every creature aggro deck you could imagine. Elvish Archdruid becomes a humble 2/2, doing absolutely nothing, the already mentioned Soulless One is instantly destroyed, and creatures that have the champion mechanic could be destroyed the instant they enter the game (in most cases).

EDIT: Sorry about that - Elvish Archdruid can still produce one mana because his type line also changes. Soulless One isn't instantly destroyed and becomes 1/1, also because of the type line.... (see all)
Posted By: KillerWhiskey (2/25/2010 4:02:08 AM)


seahunter + this = eldrazi into play for 3
Posted By: BioPrince (3/8/2010 3:46:46 PM)


You want Conspiracy. Norin will 'forget' his reworded creature type the first time he returns to your hand if you try to abuse his bounce with only Artificial Evolution.

Sadly, no. Token and Non-Token are not a part of the creature type and are therefore not affected by Artificial Evolution.

That sir, is absolutely epic.
Conspiracy also works with Turntimber Ranger that way but is much more expensive.

I'd like to take that idea and run with it a little further...in a slightly more ridiculous and implausible direction. If you have two Artificial Evolutions (Twincast helps here) you don't 'have' to say that the Wolf's creature type is Ally. It can be anything really, because now you can change both Wolf and Ally to whatever you wish.

My heavily biased mind wants to say 'Kavu' having a Kavu Monarch on the battlefield and dropping this with the Turntimber Ranger getting an arbitrarily... (see all)
Posted By: Flyheight (9/9/2010 2:44:31 PM)


Turns Plague Sliver into Anti-Tribal.
Posted By: Hylebos (8/19/2011 7:55:26 PM)


For all the comments about how this ruins Soulless One and the like, while it DOES indeed render them worthless, it won't make them 0/0. The rulings on this card say that it will change the typeline of the spell/permanent it targets if there's a creature type there. So if you target Soulless One and change all instances of "Zombie" to "Oyster" for instance, Soulless One will become an Oyster and remain a measly 1/1, as it is unlikely for there to be any other Oysters in play or in the graveyard.
Posted By: drp527 (6/20/2010 12:57:52 PM)


Soulless one wouldn't actually die if you changed his ability to say oyster's since it says replace ALL instances. He would stay alive since his creature type would also be oyster. Regardless, this is definitely one of my favorite cards with limitless possibilities - onslaught was simply the best of the best.
Posted By: pauer (8/1/2010 11:18:17 AM)


It is INCREDIBLY tempting to use this to mix slivers with another tribe that isn't morphling. O.o
Posted By: TopRomen (11/10/2010 1:11:41 PM)


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