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This is good until you can get your Asceticism out. But like zeyette mentioned, it's a double-edged sword.
Posted By: cathode01 (3/21/2011 1:48:51 AM)


Those saying it's a disadvantage as well - you build your deck with a mind to not targetting your own creatures. So leave your giant growths at home and put in more aggresive creatures which would usually be eliminated by removal.
Posted By: djflo (4/15/2011 9:27:55 AM)


Artifact is not a creature type.
Posted By: Nip_Gwyllion (5/1/2013 5:39:05 PM)


what card could you use to counter this as a black deck?
Posted By: RealMorridin (3/31/2010 7:21:21 PM)


Cruel Edict, Grave Pact, Death touch, Damnation, Plague Wind, Reiver Demon, Spreading Plague, Engineered Plague, etc.
Short answer - Too many.
Artifact is not a creature type.

Posted By: Hoonster (3/5/2011 1:49:49 PM)


I really like this card. Handy if you playing a deck with creatures of the same type, rather than spells which give one target Shroud.
Posted By: PaladinOfSunhome (9/15/2009 4:26:20 AM)


I can think of very few green tribal decks that would not love this, for the simple fact that it stops all spot removal forever.
Posted By: LesserImmortal (11/22/2009 8:40:34 PM)


Call "bird" and make Storm Crow all the more awesome. 5/5 for the Crow Combo!!
Posted By: Pinsir52 (10/9/2010 4:30:39 PM)


This card is also good AGAINST people with one creature type decks. They wont be able to target their own creatures with stuff that would help them out.
Posted By: zeyette (11/21/2009 12:46:58 PM)


I love this card due to the fact that I face so many decks that contain the same creature type and this pretty much annihilates their abilitys and stops ramp up thank those damn elfs for their srong wills lol.
Posted By: counter_king (8/27/2010 6:32:01 AM)


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