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It has protection because Blue mages are the ones that are the most fun to piledrive, of course!
Posted By: Tequilasaurus (10/28/2011 9:15:51 AM)


This card is the first of the chase rare two-drop megacycle!
White: Stoneforge Mystic
Blue: Snapcaster Mage
Black: Dark Confidant
Red: Goblin Piledriver
Green: Tarmogoyf
Colorless: Arcbound Ravager
Posted By: DeviousPie (3/18/2013 6:50:02 PM)


To show how insane this is, let's show a quote from UG Madness:
Player 1 - Turn 1: Drop a Mountain, Skirk Prospector, go.
Player 2 - Turn 1: Island. Go.
Player 1 - Turn 2: Mountain, sac the Prospector, Play a Goblin Warchief, go.

Player 2 - Turn 2: Forest, Spawning Pit, go.
Player 1 - Turn 3: Mountain, play 3 piledrivers, attack for 23. Play again?
Player 2: O.o
Posted By: NARFNra (12/12/2010 5:03:09 PM)


"fails to cancel " - Areps

"Cavern of Soul'ed!!! Trololololol" - Kragash
Posted By: Kragash (6/20/2012 6:32:33 AM)


I can just imagine that guy with a shrill girly scream "MERCY!"
Posted By: boneclub (7/25/2012 1:25:30 AM)


It seems more like he bullies the smart (Blue) guys
Posted By: MattLynn (4/4/2013 2:34:59 AM)


It was given protection from blue specifically to counter Psychatog.

Anyone who thinks this is overrated has obviously never played against it and never played against sligh, either.

Posted By: Laguz (9/23/2009 9:30:45 PM)


i love that card, yet i still just don't get why this guy has protection from blue.
on one side, that ability doesn't make this card broken, but it's a slightly unfair, redundant advantage the card actually wouldn't have needed, in my opinion.
Posted By: Mode (12/30/2008 4:12:11 AM)


The definition of irony: Naming a card "Goblin Piledriver", then having the picture on the card show a Goblin Sleeper.

Then again, goblins are kinda tiny; who could they piledrive aside from another goblin?
Posted By: Charlie_Owens_Version_1 (7/1/2012 3:10:52 PM)


One of the best cards ever imho, if only for the fact it's won me more games than anything else.
Posted By: zombietomb (2/11/2010 4:47:44 PM)


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