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There are better cards, but come on, isn't that a name? DOOM CANNON. Amazing.
Posted By: Zulp (10/1/2009 11:15:58 PM)


@Ideatog Well, you can activate this damage nearly an infinite number of times, whereas you're limited to 4 Lightning Bolts. Perhaps the creators of the card thought that was worth the excess cost.
Posted By: BorosRecruit (6/19/2011 1:44:43 PM)


The 1:1 ratio of mana to damage is forgivable, but you had better be sacrificing 0/1 or 1/1 tokens to make this worth your mana.
Posted By: themlsna (7/4/2010 1:09:02 PM)


Saprolings are ideal for this. And this is better than Fodder Cannon, as it can hit players.

Also, it costs more than Lightning Bolt because (a) it's not red, and (b) it's reusable.

Needless to say, great in EDH for repeatable colorless removal.
Posted By: syrazemyla (8/4/2011 10:02:02 PM)


Useful to turn crappy tokens and useless 1/1 chumps into decent damage in late game, but costs a bit too much for what it does, IMO.
Posted By: Arachnos (4/13/2012 11:44:50 PM)


you're better off with Fodder Cannon in my opinion.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (8/8/2010 12:21:39 PM)


I like the art and the name, but I don't like the stats. When you activate it the first time, you spent 9 mana and sacrificed a creature of a specific type, to do what a lightning bolt can do as well. Yes I know, it's basically a lightning bolt on a stick, but it's a disgusting stick.

As kryptnyt says, fodder cannon is better. It can't kill players and costs more to activate, but you can sac creatures of any type, and it deals more damage.
Posted By: majinara (7/2/2011 9:42:06 AM)


More like Dumb Cannon. Far too much mana investment- why pay {3} and a creature when you can play Lightning Bolt for {R}? On top of a 6 mana investment in the artifact itself? Meh.
Posted By: Ideatog (5/6/2011 3:09:32 PM)


I choose Eldrazi...Spawn.
Posted By: McThor (7/14/2010 7:34:28 AM)


Posted By: boneclub (8/24/2010 2:47:53 PM)


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