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You can use this to repeatedly cast Crib Swap or Nameless Inversion. I would put 1 in a Mercenary or Rebel Deck so that each turn, you can remove an opponent's creature and still get another creature on the board using a Rebel or Mercenary.
Posted By: a7141988 (4/12/2010 1:29:58 PM)


Its like Volrath's Stronghold, only tribal. I have tingles! :O
Posted By: Ogrillion (3/16/2010 3:19:18 AM)


gempalm polluter is a decent thing to draw every turn.

yeah, a land version of lord of the undead is pretty slick.
Posted By: metalevolence (7/12/2011 10:45:26 AM)


Ideal in a mono black zombie deck.
Posted By: Silverware (8/16/2009 10:42:47 PM)


Nice combo with Crib Swap! Decent with Fleshbag Marauder as well.
Posted By: redhaiku (7/20/2010 2:48:25 AM)


This is actually a surprisingly good card, despite how narrow it seems.

As has been mentioned, Nameless Inversion and Fleshbag Marauder give you 2 ways to force yourself to draw into spot removal.

One that I've really been enjoy though has been putting Korlash, Heir to Blackbade back on top of my library, turn after turn after turn. It's massive deck thinning and card advantage, and if you've got creatures that can use the extra mana (like Plaguebearer - another zombie), then it's not like you're drawing into land anyway.

All in all, a great land.
Posted By: JaxsonBateman (5/19/2011 10:42:02 PM)


If you want a land that can recur any creature, see Volrath's Stronghold. This is better in Zombie tribal, though.
Posted By: wstonefi (4/26/2012 1:14:47 PM)


Lands should not be able to win you the game like this IMO. The most expensive part of deck construction is the lands
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (9/5/2012 2:04:23 AM)


You don't just gempalm pollute every turn, you do it for every one of these guys and every three mana you have every turn.

You pay the BB, discard the gempalm polluter as the cost. While the effect of drawing a card (from cycling) is on the stack, activate this so this goes off first. Gempalm polluter is on top of your library, then the draw effect from cycling triggers. You effectively give gempalm polluter's cycling a buyback.
Posted By: MacBizzle (4/21/2013 10:30:37 AM)


Unholy Grotto is a good way to bring your cards back from the graveyard if you use a Zombie library.
Posted By: gatherer132 (4/24/2013 4:27:40 AM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!