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I wouldnt mind this being reprinted in a cycle, sure fliers are common now, islandwalkers not so much

maybe have green enchantment, only vigilant and plainswalkers (not the card type)
red enchantment, only tramplers and forest walkers
black enchantment, only hasters and mountainwalkers
blue enchantment, fear(yes, dump intimidate and go back to fear) and swampwalker

Posted By: Dingo777 (2/9/2010 8:14:08 PM)


A white card named Island?
Posted By: divine_exodus (11/12/2010 1:17:46 PM)


Similar to Stormtide Leviathan, except Stormtide Leviathan applies to all creatures.

Island Sanctuary could be used effectively with a mono-white enchant flying deck as follows:
Island Sanctuary+Howling Mine+Endless Horizons+Sigil of the Empty Throne+Serra's Blessing + more white enchantments.
Add Idyllic Tutor to seek out those enchants from the library, and Argivian Find to retrieve from graveyard. Hobble for defense against other flying or islandwalk.

Or a really mean mill combo using Mind Unbound comes to mind:
Island Sanctuary + Howling Mine + Mystic Decree + Mind Unbound + Jace's Erasure + Kozilek, Butcher of Truth
Posted By: jilting_joker (10/27/2011 2:07:46 AM)


Island Sanctuary, combined with Howling Mine and Mystic Decree, saw a lot of play during the early days of Magic. It provides good, though limited, protection from opponents' attacks. The cost to get this benefit is steep, however. If you' skip too many draws, you can find yourself at severe card disadvantage. On the other hand, against a deck with no enchantment removal, no fliers or islandwalkers, and no direct damage, you could very easily win the game just by skipping your draw step and running your opponent out of cards.
Posted By: Eppek_the_Goblin (1/28/2009 10:11:01 PM)


Excellent card, but has one main problem. Its useless against blue, not because of islandwalk but because blue has heaps of flying cards and Boomerang. Not that crash hot against white either. Secondly more than two in a deck, and they're dead cards, however your chances of picking one up are too low if you only put one in your deck.
Posted By: console_gamer (5/10/2010 8:49:43 PM)


I love this card in my Enchantress deck.
Posted By: Laguz (7/20/2010 8:41:23 AM)


Hm... it doesn't apply to only the normal card draw, it applies to any drawing that happens in the draw step. I wonder if there are any otherwise-infinite loops that you could use this card to break out of to prevent there being a draw?
...oh my god, that pun was not even intentional, I swear
Posted By: AzureLazuline (8/12/2013 6:17:26 AM)


This, plus Elspeth, Sun's Champion is a great combo, and if they don't have a way to get to you or Elspeth you're suddenly going to have 12 3/3's with flying plus more creatures to swing with.
Posted By: zerowner (12/27/2013 8:23:52 PM)


decent card if you have an alternative manner of drawing. Howling mine comes to mind.

Perhaps place it in a B/W specter deck?
Posted By: Burningsickle (4/22/2014 3:19:44 PM)