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Just take away his credit card!
Posted By: Maraxas-of-Keld (2/7/2010 2:32:50 PM)


against a beast or changeling deck I guess it could be awesome. I say awesome because of the art. Anyone who can summon a raptor that huge is one awesome wizard.
Posted By: brunsbr103 (4/1/2010 7:00:25 PM)


Amazing art. Hilarious flavor text. TERRIBLE card.
Posted By: Laguz (9/20/2009 1:00:32 AM)


Well, red isn't big on blocking anyway, and beasts are usually green... so maybe useful if you're playing against a green deck?
Posted By: achilleselbow (4/23/2010 11:26:23 AM)


In limited, he's one of the few cards that can side deck in against a beast deck and end the game. Suddenly your opponent has no blockers turn 6-8, and you're playing red so you should have enough to do that last 10 damage to win on the board. Forget that he himself is a beast, it's a fantastic side deck for limited. Just because it's not a Jace, the Mind Sculptor doesn't mean it's a terrible card.
Posted By: OpenSeasonNoobs (11/21/2010 1:24:00 AM)


Beasts are the new walls?
Posted By: desolation_masticore (12/17/2010 8:05:46 AM)


Well ... it's a 6/6 unblockable creature against beast decks, so it was probably not bad in limited... that being said, if you're playing this in casual, you should use some kind of Dragon instead.
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (3/13/2011 3:46:38 PM)


The card is not terrible, its just obsolete nowadays. Back in the day, 5 years ago this was a solid card.
I give it 5/5 for the good old days.
Posted By: aa124 (4/27/2011 6:24:24 AM)


Zuty's Random Card of the Day #2:

6 for a 6/6 isn't that bad; of course there are better options, some of which are cheaper in cost, but 5C for a 6/6 is rather easy to deal with.

I have fond memories of this card just because of the art and flavor text. I don't think I ever played with this card or made a deck that contained it. I'm sure I could put this to good use in Poor Man's (5 uncommon, 55 commons), but there are some other uses I see for this. It stops ALL Beasts from blocking. So you can stop Beasts your opponent is using from blocking, but how often is that? Well, with cards like Amoeboid Changeling, Conspiracy, Imagecrafter, and Unnatural Selection that can all be changed. You can also use Artificial Evolution (put it on Isochron Scepter if you want) to change 'Beast' to whatever else you want.

Even with this small amount of good that can be ... (see all)
Posted By: Zuty (4/11/2011 6:03:39 PM)


Only Wizards could make an enormous Velociraptor somehow suck.
Posted By: blindthrall (12/18/2010 6:39:28 AM)