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Anyone who gives this less than 4 is missing one important factor:
It counters split second.

As unmorphing doesn't use the stack (some weird rule for it), and triggered abilities still resolve whilst split second is on the stack, this (along with her best friend, Willbender) can respond to split second.

Posted By: Sharu (4/7/2012 11:37:24 PM)


@ Gabriel

It's 7 mana but can be paid on separate turns. The morph cost can be reduced with cards like Training Ground. It's also a creature that can attack and block. Last but not least, it counters Split Second spells because Morph is not considered an activated ability.
Posted By: Cyberium (10/2/2011 5:07:12 PM)


Seven mana for a counterspell?
Posted By: Gabriel422 (10/2/2011 12:42:52 AM)


why are you undervalued counterspell face :\. you were something blue could use to actually attack with without sacrificing precious card advantage or tempo...
Posted By: thaviel (11/11/2010 12:57:48 AM)


Well first off this version was printed before split second. So no anyone who rates it less than a 4 is not necessarily missing the point. For this version of the card being a morph counter didn't do a whole lot for it, except be a lot slower than other counter spells.

Second there are a total of 15 split second cards in all of magic. A few of which aren't even playable in competitive formats. And some of the others like Angelic Grace love to be used in decks like Ad Nauseam, in which case it will be going off before you have time to play this card and then pay it's morph cost. Even considering it can counter split second cards. It really isn't worth it as a counter over say Last Word. Which isn't even the best counter. After all this card isn't legal in modern. If you are playing it you could be playing a force of will, a mana drain, a counterspell, daze, etc. Split second isn't too prominent in legacy. You are going to want a faster counter over this. You just are. And the addition... (see all)
Posted By: GordonFreechmen (5/17/2014 4:47:59 AM)