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Magic has an abundance of cards that care about color, but is short on cards that change something's color. The last ones printed were the Wisp cycle in Shadowmore, and they both only affected creatures and only lasted a turn. How about bringing back the best in color-change, the original lace cycle (only this time at uncommon)? Or, next time there is a gold block, a cycle of hybrid laces that make whatever they change both their colors?
Posted By: A3Kitsune (2/12/2010 12:06:33 AM)


Laces are so specific in use that you don't want multiples in sealed environment. Thus they must remain rare.
Posted By: tavaritz (5/22/2011 12:26:03 AM)


As far as I can tell, the Laces break down like this:

Red & Green: I am unaware of any 'color matters' cards that you would want to change specifically to R or G for. I especially doubt you'd want to spend a card to do it.
White: Cards like Crusade and Honor of the Pure make the idea of changing something to be white something I might actually want to do, but I wouldn't spend a card on it.
Black & Blue: Terror. Doom Blade. I can actually see an environment where it would be o.k. to draft Deathlace and not feel terrible...if it was an uncommon, not a rare. Turning something Black to keep it safe from Black cards is a wierd thing to be doing with...black mana....since you are probably already running black creatures...but at the same time, it doesn't sound useless. Obviously you turn something Blue if you want everyone at the table to immediately be overcome with hatred for it and try to destroy it.

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Posted By: DarthParallax (1/25/2012 12:35:58 AM)