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Strictly better than squire,
Posted By: jsttu (1/18/2011 12:03:06 PM)


Hada Freeblade is better in just about every situation.
Posted By: ChildOfPrometheus (6/16/2011 8:11:38 AM)


I think it's generally more useful to get a 2/1 for 1 mana like white already has. I can't see the extra defense being that big of a deal. You don't typically expect a 1 CC creature to be a massive blocker anyway. Go with Savannah Lions or the other one white has.
Posted By: kowrip (1/22/2010 1:42:18 PM)


As much as I like this guy, he's not all that great. A 1/2 for W is ok, but usually a white player can find better creatures. I like the art and the spirit of the card, but for playability white creatures are just so much better than this.
Posted By: Dragon_Bloodthirsty (5/25/2009 9:59:00 PM)


One advantage this has over Elite Vanguard, he can swing freely verse Llanowar Elves. Or he can thin a Dragon Fodder when your on defense. When combined with +1/+1, he can swing freely verse Grizzly Bears, or stop one from attacking.

In a budget soldier deck, I wouldn't mind running x4, only if I was packing 8 or more "Lord" type creatures. Norwood Ranger is better for elf decks.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (9/1/2012 5:38:21 AM)


Interesting. You don't see elves. In white often. Extra point of toughness is rather meh though.
Posted By: Doaj (9/3/2012 4:48:39 AM)


Interesting to see that even in the old days there were OK vanilla creatures. Completely outclassed by Azuri's Archers
Posted By: Subtle_Kay (2/23/2013 5:07:34 AM)


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