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I think this has been hinted at, but nobody has mentioned that you can bounce or sac it with the "comes into play" trigger on the stack, thus causing you to shuffle your library before you arrange the top 10 cards.
Posted By: Gabbalis (8/22/2011 3:04:06 PM)


Between Vedalken Mastermind and Venser, the Sojourner, this card is just crazy. Mastermind turn 2, Ancestral Knowledge turn 3, exile whatever you don't need and draw the best few, or just bounce, shuffle, and do it again next turn. Once Venser gets out, you don't even need to repay the casting cost to get the re-shuffle/re-exile.

"Could you Stifle the triggered ability? 10 card deep for 1{U}{U}"

Sure could! Anything that starts with if/when/whenever etc. can be stifled, since that denotes a triggered ability. Although it seems like most of the time, you'd be better off letting the reshuffle resolve, since in the decks that Ancestral Knowledge would work best with (combo decks), you'll want to get those one or two cards you need right this moment and shuffle the rest away. Think of it as 3.3 Ponders, except they let put off the shuffle until after you'... (see all)
Posted By: Lyoncet (6/17/2011 2:11:14 PM)


Demage, of course you will have to shuffle your library. Mindlock Orb only prevents players from searching their librarys.
Posted By: Ameisenmeister (9/16/2010 9:21:10 AM)


As I read this, I thought:
hmm...why would you keep paying the upkeep cost?
Then I saw the last line...INTERESTING!!!
Posted By: jugglingguy (11/26/2009 8:12:16 PM)


I'm about to run 4 in my {U}{W} combo-control deck, I think it will turn my deck into a well-oiled machine.
This comment will be updated as events warrant.

Update: Didn't suck, but I proxied four of them and kept winding up with redundant multiples in hand.
I was trying to use it as a tutor, but it didn't work nearly fast enough to keep tempo with my opponent's myriad of spells, even when I bounced it with Vedalken Mastermind. Then tried Whirlpool Rider, now going to try Vedalken Aethermage.
Overall verdict: good card to have if you have a lot of non-redundant multiples in your deck and a especially if you can reuse it, but its a 2-of tops. Sideboard material.
Posted By: Fictionarious (1/20/2010 2:44:47 PM)


You won't have to shuffle your library with Mindlock Orb.
Posted By: Demage (6/29/2010 12:14:03 PM)


@Lyoncet: No, you can't Stifle abilities that start with "If". Those are replacement abilities, which are static, not triggered.
Posted By: Dream_Spinner (6/21/2011 9:48:44 PM)


Could you Stifle the triggered ability? 10 card deep for 1{U}{U}
Posted By: Kruggles (3/27/2011 2:15:34 AM)


At worst, it's a cantrip that lets you pick the best card from the top 10 of your deck. At best, it's a combo that'll likely decide every card you'll draw for the remainder of the game.

Did I mention it was only 2 mana? Because that seems like it'd be important.
Posted By: AcexSpades (6/24/2013 8:42:59 PM)


Extremely nice library stacking. Stack what you need on top, then once you're going to draw the first card you don't need, just don't pay the cumulative upkeep and you get to shuffle it away. Requires a little memorization or recording of what you stacked, but its worth it.
Posted By: Nagoragama (10/17/2011 12:24:47 AM)