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I always had a lot of fun with this card. It has a handful of benefits. First of which is its a blue 2/2 for 2 which is acceptable. But, in some decks where filling your graveyard is good or important this card is a god send :) You'll dump creatures into your yard left and right for Living Death style effects... You'll hit threshold quickly and with unearth being a thing, well...

very poorly rated here and I dont know why. Its just plain fun and in the right deck, potent too :)
Posted By: uberwolf (3/19/2011 11:17:04 PM)


Always check the errata, especially on cards that have mechanics that have undergone massive refurbishing, such as this one.
The wording on the card used to work with phasing. Now it doesn't, so its been errataed to include phasing out as well as leaving play.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (3/31/2011 5:34:16 PM)


3 Shadow Gulidmage
3 Circling Vultures
4 Skulking Ghost
4 Ertai's Familiar
4 Fallen Askari
3 Fledgling Djinn
3 Barrow Ghoul
3 Hidden Horror
3 Necratog
4 Man O' War


3 Song of Blood


3 Bad River
3 Rocky Tar Pit
3 Undiscovered Paradise
3 Gemstone Mine
2 Island
2 Mountain
7 Swamp

This was why it was good!
Posted By: Darriius (5/13/2011 10:11:50 PM)


Well, you could combine it with liliana vess. By the time you're able to pull off her final, you'll have placed at least 9 cards in your graveyard to fuel it. Or, living death.
Posted By: mythryn (11/7/2009 12:18:50 AM)


Blue: our Grizzly Bears mill you to death!
Posted By: Tanaka348 (1/11/2010 6:38:42 PM)


its been erratad so it does mill for 3 when it phases out.
Posted By: Uril (4/28/2010 5:26:17 PM)


This is the problem with older Magic cards. They can be so interesting, but so weak you have to cripple yourself to use them.
Posted By: SleetFox (3/5/2011 10:06:19 PM)


Who thought grizzly bear was broken?
Posted By: Omenchild (4/25/2010 9:34:28 PM)


Someone, please, tell me the specialized circumstances in which this card would be useful. The only thing I see is a 2/2 for 2 mana, which is good for blue, but the drawbacks are too great.
Posted By: Plantboy81 (9/30/2009 12:42:26 AM)


Actually, you do not mill 3 cards when this guy phases out. You mill 3 when he leaves the battlefield. Phasing does not have you leave the battlefield. If it did, there'd be some nutty combos with Phasing and Evoke creatures...
Posted By: kitsunewarlock (4/13/2010 6:05:37 PM)


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