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I asked a friend a while back during a game why he had put Ivory Tower and Ensnaring Bridge into the same deck. "Just wait and see", he said, "It'll make sense soon enough.".
Posted By: sonorhC (7/8/2011 5:18:33 PM)


"You got your drawback in my ability!"

"You got your ability in my drawback!"
Posted By: MasterOfCruelties (5/26/2013 2:07:37 PM)


Hmmmm, Jace's Erasure was my first thought. Back in the day I tried to use this thing but never could find the right trick. More options today.
Posted By: XTwistedsoulX (6/8/2011 4:04:12 PM)


I love this art. It's so psychadelic and abstract... Seems like it has some meaning you can't quite understand.

The card itself is also quite interesting.
Posted By: NARFNra (12/17/2010 1:22:53 PM)


Run with Obstinate Familiar. Also, loading your deck up with flashback cards would let you interact with your opponent on their turn even without a hand. Elixir of Immortality would also be handy.
Posted By: cathode01 (3/19/2011 4:07:29 AM)


Crucible of Worlds and Library of Leng or Wheel of Sun and Moon
Simply replay your land and put your useful cards on top of your library with Library of Leng or put all on the bottom with the Wheel of Sun and Moon.
Posted By: xStrikerx (8/1/2009 2:36:45 PM)


Mortal Combat+ Psychic Vortex. Let your graveyard fill up and win.
Posted By: liir007 (8/21/2009 3:56:02 PM)


I had been playing Magic only a short time when Weatherlight was released, and this was one of my favorite cards in that set. Its beneficial upkeep cost and negative effect are what make it particularly interesting. Until the release of Braid of Fire and Herald of Leshrac in Coldsnap, this sort of reversal was unique. For some blue/green fun, combo this card with Aluren and Manabond.
Posted By: tezcat (10/5/2009 11:02:30 AM)


Sundial of the Infinite.
Posted By: boneclub (7/10/2011 9:16:01 PM)


Now your playing with power.
Posted By: jumpingjacked (10/2/2009 12:21:01 PM)