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While it prevents you from pumping your own creatures, if played well, the Foliage can give a green deck good opportunity to bulldoze the opponent with an army unopposed.
Posted By: Kirbster (7/3/2010 10:24:24 PM)


Nammertime is correct. The spell targets nothing. It's the triggered ability of Oblivion Ring that happens when the enchantment enters the battlefield that targets the creature to be exiled. Likewise, the target is chosen when the triggered ability is first put on the stack; not when the spell is cast.
Posted By: Digit (9/16/2011 8:46:16 PM)


It's not exactly global shroud, as it doesn't protect from effects, such as Oblivion Ring. On the other hand, you could use that to your advantage, such as with Seedcradle Witch.
Posted By: nammertime (7/29/2010 10:05:26 PM)


@Nammertime - Oblivion Ring is a spell while being played and thus this protects your creature from it. But this does not protect against abilities which you could use to your advantage.
Posted By: pumaman83 (9/4/2011 7:00:59 AM)


ummmm.... global shroud for 3CC? Really? And it is GREEN?

Posted By: Gaussgoat (5/7/2010 11:14:31 AM)


It's Squee! He always has the coolest quotes!
Posted By: KokoshoForPresident (3/24/2012 6:04:40 PM)


"You cannot errata something just to introduce a contraction!"

"You want to bet I can't?"
Posted By: Salient (5/28/2012 4:37:13 PM)


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