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could work with proliferate for those extra +2/+2 counters
Posted By: Milliman (3/21/2011 1:48:10 PM)


Might be usable with Crucible of Worlds.
Posted By: PlayerGreen (6/2/2010 1:02:21 AM)


Does remind me a lot of Wood Elemental, but much better. If you play it as early as you can, you get an overcosted 3/3, but if you play it late it's actually potentially huge.
Posted By: ClockworkSwordfish (6/24/2010 11:57:15 AM)


This would be awesome with a life and limb on the field
Posted By: orisiti (6/15/2011 11:53:46 PM)


Life and Limb is this guy's best friend. I like it, wish I had more than one.
Posted By: Peaceout734 (10/31/2011 2:38:29 PM)


To be fair, Life and Limb just makes this a *really bad* Mycoloth (as it essentially has Devour 2 with a pay {G} for each devour clause)

There's not much reason to run this guy other than fun; which... may be enough reason. Insult your opponent with your fungus deck by replacing Mycoloth with this guy!
Posted By: blurrymadness (2/20/2013 9:24:27 AM)


Somebody tried to make Wood Elemental playable and just couldn't quite do it.
Posted By: ArtBell (2/15/2010 6:12:19 PM)


Well at worst it's a Hill Giant with a useless ability. At best, you get a 5/5 for 5 and a forest (bad), a 7/7 for 6 and two forests (awful), or a 9/9 for 7 and three forests (mediocre, and you'd better hope it doesn't get removed). Maybe if you have a Dense Foliage in play you can go all out and get an 11/11 for 8 mana and four forests.
Posted By: achilleselbow (7/23/2010 7:33:07 AM)


like the fungus in my toes
Posted By: ttian (3/27/2009 9:04:07 AM)


@ ClockworkSwordfish
What are you talking about?
Posted By: Sanderleet (5/24/2010 6:10:10 AM)