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yes this card is cool, and holy crap that harvest Wurm becomes a great friend of rogue elephant, only i wish the wurm had trample. other wise rogue elephant is still a great beat down deck card and who cares if u loose a land, take a starting hand of 2 lands, then play scent of ivy on your elephant to do 8 damage turn 2, then follow up with what other dirt cheap tricks you have.
Posted By: Dohyden (2/6/2010 4:50:10 AM)


That's a really big 1-drop. Big enough to eat Isamaru for breakfast.

Harvest Wurm is good, but it doesn't solve the problem that you're down a land. It's too bad you must sacrifice a forest, elsewise Flagstones of Trokair would have been a good candidate.
Posted By: justicarphaeton (12/9/2010 2:13:02 PM)


Yeah, not bad. Green won't suffer for long from a loss of a land.
Posted By: Moleland (2/26/2011 3:49:47 PM)


I always thought it would be great to cast this on turn one and proceed with the beatdown, but I'm not so sure anymore. You might want to cast a mana dork on turn one, followed on turn two by a land, Rogue Elephant, and Harvest Wurm. Then a turn three Fallow Wurm or Plant Elemental, depending on how many lands you have in hand.

Then Life from the Loam or Crucible of Worlds.
Posted By: Ragamander (12/24/2011 1:06:53 AM)


Why doesn't it have trample. Look at it: IT'S TRAMPLING.
Posted By: tavaritz (7/14/2011 12:26:06 PM)


Being set one turn back manawise isn't so bad if you're playing a colour with good mana ramping (say, green). A 3/3 for 1 is pretty darn hard to beat. 5/5 for all the wins this guy has got me. The drawback doesn't interfere with him stomping face for a few turns.
Posted By: ClockworkSwordfish (2/25/2010 2:39:41 PM)


Terastodon gives you three of these.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (2/19/2010 5:01:39 PM)


I ran a search for an answer to the flavor text. The first answer I found was "When an elephant goes rogue."

Going by where I found it, it seemed to be framed in a political context. I guess a Rogue Elephant is a "maverick" Republican? Can you interpret destroying a forest as commentary on resistance to conservation efforts? Does the grass have anything to do with grassroots movements?

It's fun to read way too much into things.

Anyway, my answer would be "When it gets mowed down."
Posted By: Gelzo (11/7/2010 2:38:53 PM)


A staple of the Extended and Legacy decks often called 8-10 Land Green, Rogue Elephant is also a staple of the popular Pauper format.
Posted By: Missile_Penguin (1/17/2009 10:15:20 AM)


Harvest Wurm is this guy's partner in crime. You get the land back, and another 3 power creature to boot!
Posted By: Equinox523 (5/18/2009 12:40:43 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!