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Comparing to Wood Elemental isn't much....

But this shouldn't have the Green cost, it is the only one of its kin that has mana cost in its ability (Chronatog isn't counted)
Posted By: Qazior (8/15/2010 3:11:54 AM)


I can see this being a win condition in a Crucible of Worlds + Zurian Orb + Fastbond deck. That's about it though. And Fastbond is vintage restricted and legacy banned, which leads me to believe (understatement alert!) there may be one or two better combos you could use in that format instead.
Posted By: Lyoncet (3/16/2011 4:44:28 PM)


Anyone else think this should be named Sylvatog?

Sylvatog and Chronatog both sound better than Foratog and Timatog :p
Posted By: DarthParallax (11/13/2011 11:05:19 PM)


Better than Wood Elemental as sacrificing a Forest will give it +2/+2 instead of +1/+1. Also you can sacrifice untapped Forests and Foratog is cheaper. Wood Elemental is sh**.
Posted By: Duskdale_Wurm (6/30/2010 2:23:25 AM)


i just like all the trog cards personally. not for playing but for flavor...get it flavor they eat things...
Posted By: thaviel (2/10/2009 8:46:32 PM)


If this would have cost it MAY be worth it.
Posted By: Leafhopper (8/25/2011 5:31:20 PM)


Your're doing it wrong
Posted By: Sago (9/29/2012 11:31:07 PM)