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I've actually found this card to be quite good. Combo it with offensive enchantments that may easily die like Illusionary Terrain, Mana Chains, or Dance of Many... I use that in a blue/white control deck that's quite effective. Not bad with Mystic Remora too.
Posted By: JaronK (11/29/2010 1:01:16 AM)


It's not all that bad, but, honestly, I think they could have gotten away with swapping the mana cost and the cost of the ability.
Posted By: Talcos (3/3/2011 6:01:50 AM)


Playable in some EDH decks.
Posted By: Gesepp (8/19/2010 7:38:46 AM)


Hell, it's not so bad. Keep getting back seal of doom to lock down creatures. Grand architect can help the costs and turn things blue for you, so the seal can hit anything. Guess you need liquimetal coating to, to make them artifacts first. Throw in a Memnarch and academy ruins and you have yourself a cool casual control deck.
Posted By: Tommy9898 (11/14/2010 12:28:48 PM)


It's a great effect, at too much of a mana cost. Requies too much help to be useful.
Posted By: JaxsonBateman (3/5/2012 1:13:49 AM)


I'm not sure why this wasn't a shoo-in for M14, which was directly between an enchantment-inclusive block (RTR) and the Enchantment Extravaganza that is Theros
Posted By: Vogie (10/16/2013 6:28:54 AM)


Well I want to like it. Does that count for something?
Posted By: TPmanW (4/5/2011 7:50:48 PM)


Slpendid art work, abysmal card.
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (7/3/2009 1:17:08 PM)


someone at wizards needs to design a land that interacts with this card in a broken way and call it 'Tomb of Horrors'

in fact, here it is:

Tomb of Horrors
Legendary Land-Horror
Indestructible, Shroud
T: Empty target player's mana pool, then add that much mana of the same colors to your mana pool.
At the beginning of each opponent's player's upkeep, if you control a 'Skull of Orm', destroy target player. You gain control of all permanents that player controls.

Posted By: DarthParallax (3/6/2011 8:53:03 PM)


It always makes me sad to see a card with great art and a terrible ability
Posted By: brunsbr103 (2/20/2010 9:17:22 PM)