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Use this to counter the infamous fastbond combo
Posted By: MechaKraken (11/9/2011 7:32:03 PM)


Possible win con in a LD deck.
Posted By: thaviel (2/10/2009 9:30:24 PM)


teehee... dingus
Posted By: DlCK (1/12/2010 10:12:50 PM)


@niceguygreensboro: Classic combo. People seem to have shied away from COP combos, but yours would be decent. Dingus Egg should come back -- it added an edge to land destruction.
Posted By: keeds4 (12/9/2010 4:09:51 PM)


Imagine 7th turn in a multiplayer game, everyone has 5 or 6 lands in play, you have two dingus eggs in play, and you cast Armageddon. Boom, game over.
Posted By: shoalsuser2004 (8/7/2009 11:48:39 PM)


I just figured out how to make Armageddon profitable. I've known Dingus Egg for a while now, but I just remembered Circle of Protection: Artifacts! With a little alternate mana source (or a Gauntlet of Power ) you could prevent all the damage to yourself!
Posted By: niceguygreensboro (8/17/2010 5:35:29 PM)


Just try to say the name without laughing..."Dingus Egg."
Posted By: ratchet1215 (8/27/2009 10:13:14 AM)


Its kinda broken due to the boarderposts, but now that the dual lands are out its fixed again.
Posted By: Deathtol (12/27/2009 12:31:32 AM)


I was about to throw this in my land-destruction deck, then i remembered it is full of Wastelands, Dust Bowls, and Army Ants. Oh well. :(
Posted By: adinsx3 (3/15/2011 11:59:50 PM)


What if you were running this card as the win condition to a deck? I would play Liquimetal Coating and Smelt/Disenchant or other artifact removal spells.
Posted By: NickDay (7/17/2012 5:41:30 PM)