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wait, is that a photography? - no, but it was made by john avon
Posted By: GengilOrbios (7/7/2011 6:09:07 AM)




... is that.. a photo?
Posted By: JoshMagic (7/19/2012 5:09:24 AM)


I'm lucky enough to own a couple of copies of this card, and I can assure you the artwork is not a photo. To be honest, though, I wasn't sure until I held one in person.
Posted By: The_Trendkill (3/3/2013 8:30:12 AM)


I browsed through the whole Weatherlight set and I have to say that this was the best set released since Alpha. Only few flops, but overall I'd say that average rating of weatherlight cards is over 3.2.
Posted By: tavaritz (7/19/2011 12:40:28 AM)


@ pantheon

You do know that Emrakul, The Aeons Torn can't be countered, right?
Posted By: KKgourmet (5/12/2011 7:27:59 AM)


pretty good card i have to say... maybe not a tourny winner, but fun none the less.
Posted By: Megrimage (10/1/2009 8:06:40 PM)


that's pretty cool, ya know, for a land. can't be countered, and still makes mana too.
Posted By: metalevolence (3/2/2010 7:04:30 AM)


Pretty handy if you want to replace your Omnath that's just been terrored before you lose all the mana in your mana pool...
Posted By: LiXinjian (5/12/2010 5:45:52 AM)


Oh, I love this thing!
Posted By: izzet_guild_mage (2/8/2010 10:11:47 AM)


4 please!
Posted By: Arthindole (4/2/2010 5:57:13 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!