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One wonders why Kormus Bell's swamps have been changed to black creatures while these have been left colorless.
Posted By: Ibn_Shisha (7/14/2011 4:17:54 AM)


Treat and so forth
Posted By: SarcasmElemental (10/1/2013 8:32:52 AM)


This card* is not that good, but it's okay.

*Treat all forests in play as 1/1 creatures. Now they can be enchanted, killed, sacrificed, equipped,blocked,targeted by spells that can only target creatures, target by spells that can target creatures but not lands, targeted by abilities that can target creatures but not lands, chosen by spells and abilities that can have a creature but not a land chosen for them,affected by spells and abilities that refer to creatures but not lands but do not target any individual creature or have any individual creature be chosen for them,be declared as attackers or blockers, be exiled or returned to your hand by spells and abilities that satisfy the conditions stated above, but may not be searched for form your library by cards that search for a creature card from your library, be discarded as a non-land card, or avoid spells or abilities that target lands but not creatures, as they are still lands. This card does not effect cards that are mountains, pl... (see all)
Posted By: BagOfBags (1/1/2014 4:15:46 PM)