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I think White Knight, Silver Knight and Leonin Skyhunter are excellent knights.

Auriok Steelshaper + Leonin Shikari + a bunch of Equipment = chaos ^^
Posted By: Econael (1/17/2010 6:27:53 PM)


unfortunately, Stonehewer Giant has none of the buffed creature types, yet most creatures from Mirrodin if not all that handle with equipment use that type.
aside from that, the guy itself is a cheap and powerful card that can enable free equipping for some of your artifacts.
Posted By: Mode (1/4/2009 5:31:01 AM)


This guy + Leonin Shikari + paradise mantle. Although, you don't need Leonin Shikari, but it lets you swap around the mantle during your opponents turn.
Posted By: dragon504 (6/5/2010 10:14:13 AM)


Knight Decks seem to have become a lot more popular after Knight Exemplar came out, and I'm sure some of them could use this guy. I use him in my cat & Kor deck though.
Posted By: Leonin_Kha_Cameron (9/13/2010 10:50:26 AM)


A must have in any equipment, soldier, and/or knight deck.

Also, Knights were pretty awesome in the Time Spiral block.

Posted By: masonthekiller (11/13/2010 6:42:58 AM)


Kinda hoping we get a reprint of him, or at least his Equip cost reduction, in the near future.

Of course, with things like Kor Outfitter and Brass Squire running around right now, he's not really needed that much...
Posted By: Diachronos (3/5/2011 8:39:46 AM)


This guy is well 'equipped', if you know what I mean...
Posted By: arcology (10/1/2012 11:02:12 PM)


He plays nicely with Puresteel Paladin, Mirran Crusader, Leonin Shikari, and Ardent Recruit.
Posted By: Manite (8/4/2013 12:28:39 AM)


Runed Stalactite...no, just 3/3...because it's second ability only applies once. If it was separate, such as on the Liege creatures, then it would get the bonuses.

Example: Wilt-Leaf Liege
Posted By: Jack_Cain (2/14/2010 2:08:27 AM)


Kor anyone?
Lots of Kor are Kor Soldiers.
Posted By: Alqatrkapa (2/17/2010 7:43:52 PM)


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