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4.5/5. Amazingly powerful card that will help accell a color that almost doesn't need it.
Posted By: kitsunewarlock (6/2/2009 5:50:24 PM)


When casting any Variable Colorless spell you first announce what Variable Colorless will be, then you pay the cost of the spell. Any Medallion you have in play (or any other way of reducing costs) are applied before the payment. So if you cast Endless Scream with Jet Meddallion you control on battlefield, you announce what Variable Colorless will be. If you say it's 5 you pay 4Black for the spell.

This even works with spells that need specific mana. With two Jet Meddaliions on battlefield your 5 point Drain Life would cost BlackBlackBlackBlackBlack to pay.
Posted By: tavaritz (7/23/2011 5:08:53 AM)


A great card for speeding up black decks.
Posted By: Shiduba (10/3/2009 2:47:27 AM)


This + Priest of Gix, + Equilibrium then fire away with infinite black mana spell!!!!
Posted By: Richard_Hawk (9/16/2010 1:10:34 AM)


wow! is there one for each color?
Posted By: Ricster24 (6/2/2011 12:17:07 PM)


For all the Black Timmies out there who like to get some demons out faster, this is for you! I use one in my Legacy zombie deck and, combined with Undead Warchief, it's insane.
Posted By: Carnophage_4ever (11/13/2010 7:46:05 AM)


@Richard_Hawk: Wouldn't that just be an infinitely summoned creature? You get three for summoning him, spend 1 to return him and 2 to resummon him, and repeat indefinitely.

Add a Soul's Attendant in there for infinite life though.
Posted By: Long_Con (3/16/2011 6:28:59 PM)


@Richard_Hawk: It would demand 2 Priest of Gix to make that equation work. As the trigger of Equilibrium already ticks when you cast the spell and thus makes that creature invalid to target when you can activate Equilibrium. Otherwise nice try - but indeed it would only be Summon, return. You'll need 2 Jet Medallion as well to make the infinite combo work. And then the setup is too big to really call it viable in any way.

Well what I wanted to know is if you play Jet Medallion with a spell with a X-cost - for example Endless Scream, would you still have to pay B and then 4 and get only +4 power or would the Jet Medallion reduce the cost to actually add +5 power?
Posted By: Tzefick (7/16/2011 2:47:23 PM)


While artifacts that just tap for one mana get less important the more mana you have (whether you have 10 or 11 mana ain't such a different), these medallions become better the more mana you have. This is because you can then cast more spells in each turn, and they reduce the manacost of each spell. So if you have this in play, and did cast 3 spells, it basically already gave you three mana this turn.

In addition, unlike regular mana rocks, these get only very rarely stolen by other players, since they have no use if you don't play the color.
Posted By: majinara (11/22/2012 4:32:51 AM)


Sadly, unable to make Joe Namath cheaper to play with :(
Posted By: car2n (2/3/2014 5:20:34 PM)