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Damage causes loss of life?
Posted By: TwoStars (4/16/2011 12:26:39 PM)


@Dark_Raider: You can't Flame Slash, Doom Blade, Path to Exile etc Lich's Tomb
Posted By: ChampionofSquee (6/24/2011 8:35:32 PM)


Channel, this, Soul Conduit.
Posted By: roguepariah (6/22/2011 7:44:55 AM)


I'm pretty sure you CAN sac the tokens made by Darien, King of Kjeldor since both trigger on loss of life and you control both triggers, so you would put lich tombs trigger on first then darien's, so that when lich tomb trigger resolves you have the soldiers to sac.
Posted By: EternalPhi (8/26/2011 11:36:41 AM)


ratchet: Challenge Accepted.

Immortal Coil:
Immortality by Damage Prevention/loss of Graveyard
Gets us cards like a 'Black Grim Lavamancer' though. :)

You lose when no cards are in your graveyard. Need to discard or sacrifice us some cards then.

Solitary Confinement
Immortality by You are Hexproof and Damage Prevention
Sacrifice it unless you discard.

Does not auto-kill you

Immortality by can't lose due to 0 life

Turns you into a Phyrexian Negator.
You lose all your life. Lifegain becomes 'the Phyrexian Obliterator of Necropotence' if you know what I mean.

You lose if Lich goes to the graveyard.

Phyrexian Unlife:
Immortality by can't die to 0 life

Damage infects you.

Immortal Coil and Phyrexian Unlife are both mitigated by Damage Prevention effects.
Solitary Confinement just orders you to have Card Advantage or die. We're going to have lots of Card Advantage.
Lich and Lich's Tomb make us sacrifice permanents, IF we take damage. This is good, because IF all that ar... (see all)
Posted By: DarthParallax (11/2/2011 8:13:47 AM)


Shirei, Shizo's Caretaker. Large quantity of small creatures (i.e. enough to soak up any damage that ends up getting through to you).
Posted By: LordRandomness (11/21/2011 8:01:43 PM)


"Oh, I get it! It's like Lich! Except Lich is better in every way, and this card is garbage...

RATING: 0.5/5"
- treima

yea you know except the part about Lich that says your life becomes 0 I find that having life is often a key part to my game where I know destroy effects are in play

unless you are playing some weird dovescape variant i have no idea how lich would be better.
Posted By: thaviel (6/4/2009 3:39:55 PM)


You can't diss a card like this too quickly...there's always a Johnny who will find a way to break it.
Posted By: ratchet1215 (10/5/2009 8:57:48 PM)


Well...I guess it's simply cheaper than Platinum Angel and it only makes real sense to cast it right before you'd otherwise die - so when you have 1-3 life left. Then I'd see some potential. When you cast it with 20 life however it probably sucks...^^
Posted By: Schlappi (9/15/2009 7:33:47 AM)


Soul Warden/similar cards
Darien, King of Kjeldor

bam, no sacrifice, and no damage taken
Posted By: darkfury (11/22/2009 9:03:05 AM)


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