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It's Stangg as an artifact creature.
Posted By: draco_nite (1/10/2011 8:20:02 PM)


This card is fun in decks that use the exalted mechanic and is one of only five cards that allow you to both trigger those abilities and attack with more than one creature. Also fun with static, all-creature pump abilities (e.g. Beastmaster Ascension), since the copy will be based on the pumped original and will then receive the pump itself (e.g. an 8/9 and a 13/14). Also huge fun with my personal favorite, Pandemonium. But, then again, what isn't?
Posted By: Ragamander (3/8/2010 12:15:21 AM)


Interesting. Flavorful. How artifacts should be.
Posted By: PhantomdotEXE (3/12/2009 4:16:20 PM)


Using this, Arcbound creatures and Throne of Geth, you can put a few counters on the Gemini, attack with the two pumped up creatures, then sac the copy at the end of combat (or if it will die) with the Throne's ability to pump everything again.

Somewhat convoluted, but each part works well together anyway.
Posted By: djflo (11/29/2010 10:14:58 PM)


Use with modulars for sure, use arcbound crusher and pump it up everytime you attack with this guy, then when the crusher dies he gets even more pumped up =)
Posted By: Behalter (10/18/2009 10:05:43 PM)


ooze garden any one? not bad with modular either
Posted By: Omenchild (12/28/2009 9:42:12 PM)


Regarding the "untapped and attacking" thing: Rulings aside, I can't help feeling like Wizards released this card misprinted and was just too stubborn to errata it. Every single time an effect like this has been printed before or after, it's always said "tapped and attacking". Even if I buy that it was worded intentionally, what's the point of the token having pseudo-Vigilance anyway? It's certainly not copying a base characteristic of Gemini itself. So, in summation: Printing fail, fess up fail, and flavor fail.

As to the card's actual playability: For 6 mana I'd rather have tokens that don't exile themselves. Simple as that. 3/5.
Posted By: Edward_Mass (2/22/2013 2:28:34 PM)


when used with powerups, this creature can lay waste to weaker opponents
Posted By: BrimandVormay (4/7/2009 10:46:22 AM)


Won me the game with sword of fire and ice and dead modular creatures
excellent over all creature, maybe a little much for a 3/4, or make him a 4/4, but still, very powerful
Posted By: h3llfir3 (7/26/2009 9:49:21 PM)


Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (9/3/2011 8:16:39 PM)