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I, right now, am currently in the process of watching the Star Wars Saga for the first time in my life. In the original trilogy, I notice how Darth Vader entices Luke with the promise of power if he embraces the Dark Side of the force. That reminds me of me when the guy who taught me how to play told me about the 5 different colors and asked me to pick a color. He told me that black gets to kill stuff. So I thought "... So the other colors can't??" He handed me a deck with terrors and Dark Banishings and discard. My first spell ever was a steel wall (and to be totally honest, I was wondering for the longest time if there was a bigger Silver Wall, an even bigger Golden Wall, and a huge Darksteel Wall). The win conditions were Phage and a black Myojin... (see all)
Posted By: Enchantment_Removal (10/5/2011 9:11:38 PM)


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Posted By: no_body (12/27/2010 7:33:05 AM)


Enchantment_Removal, please don't post this here. Make a forum thread, this needs to be told!
Posted By: Shadoflaam (11/5/2011 8:58:40 PM)


I think you just broke the record for the longest gatherer post on a basic land
Posted By: theVillageIdiot (1/30/2012 8:19:35 PM)



I logged in just to give your comment 5 stars
Posted By: immelmann (9/6/2012 12:53:21 PM)


I figure it'd be kinda neat if there was a block devoted to monocolor in the same way Ravnica was devoted to 2 color. It'd be a great one to entice new players into for simplicity, but all the experienced players will complain about it being a 'core set' style expansion.
Posted By: Opined_Fluke (12/13/2012 4:32:40 PM)