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It's rare because at the time you could place its combat damage on the stack, and then sac it for a naturalize, which could take out half the block, making it a strong two-for-one.
Posted By: Atali (10/26/2010 9:47:15 PM)


Definitely run at least one copy in any deck using Skyshroud Poacher, so you have instant-speed answers to artifacts and enchantments for 4G. Elf decks will still have trouble with board wipes, but this gives you quick answers to the other banes of elf decks: artifacts and enchantments that screw you up (like Ensnaring Bridge, Nevinyrral's Disk, Ghostly Prison, etc.)
Posted By: drunyon (11/3/2011 12:57:17 PM)


I don't care why it is a rare, I know it is awesome. I personally wish it had one more toughness, even switched p/t, but only because i would exploit it. Currently have a black green soul collector deck, with something like spidersilk armor out and pinging with viridian longbow on the soul collector, you can blow stuff up and get the zealot back. over and over. pridemage rocks too, just not the colors for my vampstahs.

Also, my buddy seems to love decree of silence, this is one of the few and the proud to take that out, one way or another. it either keeps things in their hand until they think they can deal with him, or it kills whatever they are dumb enough to play. In general, i don't do counterspell, however the soul collector trick with Daring apprentice is tempting.

lots of applications for this lil guy, and he is totally hired. 5/5.
Posted By: NinjaShadow (1/19/2012 3:01:36 PM)


Stop asking why it's rare and look at what block it came from.
Posted By: Eved (6/1/2010 4:29:06 AM)


Its not a naturalize on a "stick", it is on "legs" get your slang right.
Posted By: Tommy9898 (3/30/2010 6:29:39 PM)


The elf is better in a mono green elf deck as it has two relevant creature types (warrior got some pretty sweet tribal stuff in lorwyn block and derp its an elf too), and the one less point of toughness will not be missed due to all the p/t boosts in an elf deck.

Pridemage will have a harder time occupying a backup combat slot, although its marginally cheaper activation cost is worth mentioning. You do have to splash in either white or green though. The exalted is a nice bonus, but as you will most likely be using it to kill an artifact/enchant you may not even notice it's there.

I'd say the elf is better, but only in elf warrior decks.
Posted By: allmighty_abacus (7/23/2010 7:39:25 PM)


While I agree they should both be uncommon, this was printed in Mirrodin block which was full of artifacts, so in it's respective set it was MUCH more powerful than Qasali Pridemage is in Alara block. Qasali Pridemage requires a colour combination which is pretty ordinary competitively and has relatively useless creature types, (cat isn't a synergy tribe and wizards are blue not green/white). This only requires green so it can fit in any deck running green fairly easily. This is an elf warrior, both much more useful tribal types in green. The existence of this card makes the elf tribal type much stronger as a sideboard card without sacrificing elf numbers and can be tutored for as an elf. As good as the Pridemage is this is, overall, probably a better card.
Posted By: Temple_Garden (3/21/2010 9:04:22 AM)


Qasali Pridemage is preferable in a GreenWhite deck. Both of them should have better been printed as Uncommons, in my opinion.
Posted By: Mode (11/14/2009 8:39:29 AM)


Qasali Pridemage essentially obsoletes this.
Posted By: Gear61 (3/3/2010 4:53:54 PM)


Why the hell is this a rare?
Posted By: Designer_Genes (9/17/2009 11:49:41 AM)


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