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coughcough mycosynth lattice

and then shattering spree to wipe your opponents' side.
Posted By: allmighty_abacus (12/14/2009 10:20:12 AM)


Leonin Abunas + Leonin Shikari + Lightning Greaves = all your creatures and artifacts have shroud! I use it in my cat-equipment deck to good effect.
Posted By: Malnourished_Student (2/18/2010 1:04:57 AM)


For a nearly unbeatable combination equip this with Shield of Kaldra, enchant with Pariah, then bring out Memnarch and turn Leonin Abunas and Pariah into Artifacts in addition to their current card types.

Nothing short of a return all spell would stop you.
Posted By: FouCapitan (7/23/2010 1:41:37 AM)


Once, Tooth and Nail decks fetched this alongside Platinum Angel to seal up games. To break through this combo the opponent needs either:

*something along the lines of Oxidize + Terror
*Oblivion Stone / Wrath
*some 9 points of burn

before he or she could even hope to win thru damage. To too many opponents it was simply game over, in some cases this combo said it even more definitely than Triskelion + Mephidross Vampire (which clears the opponent's board for as long as both stay).
Posted By: Gabriel422 (11/24/2010 11:24:46 PM)


Good card is good.
Posted By: Forgeling (8/24/2009 5:57:11 PM)


this card plus Whispersilk Cloak equals game over
Posted By: ToidiDiPuts (8/29/2009 11:49:55 AM)


Bad card is bad.
Posted By: Ratinyourwalls (3/4/2009 11:15:53 AM)


lol, I was playing a guy who uses mycosynth lattice and Nullmage Shepherd in his elf deck. After he played the lattice but just before he put down Nullmage I dropped Leonin Abunas (I was playing my equipment deck). Needless to say but my opponent was less than glad to see this guy :)
Posted By: Leonin_Kha_Cameron (4/9/2011 11:41:07 AM)


Compare to Indomitable Archangel.
Posted By: tachiKC (6/26/2011 11:56:12 PM)


Makes Kemba, Kha Regent a happy girl.
Posted By: Mirrordin_Pure (8/5/2013 6:54:30 AM)


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