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How to Train Your Dragon
Posted By: Ragamander (10/28/2010 1:37:24 AM)


Like most cards that involve mana-only abilities, this card works great when combined with Mox Lotus
Posted By: beefrocks (8/3/2010 7:59:28 AM)


Is made with Training Grounds. 4.5/5 with TG and 3/5 without.
Posted By: jonnyrue2u (7/29/2010 7:52:07 AM)


Clockwork Dragon Is *** Awesome. The Art The Metal The Beatdown. Mirrodin Was An Awesome Set. They Should Reprint This In A Core Set.
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (8/6/2009 7:15:02 PM)


i love flying artifacts blue and white decks can eat it plus i can get it out fast and keep in play with restoration, skeleton shards, myr and atherium sculptors i get a pentavus out every game
Posted By: InvaderJoe1 (10/18/2011 9:31:14 PM)


i must admit when i played this back in myr-ridin it was a game winner for me

also a good card to dismantle too/from
Posted By: Ava_Adore (2/10/2011 6:16:34 AM)


this card is fine in a sunburst deck.because it has many +1/+1 counters on it and with three mana can make one more.in a sunburst deck u can transport the +1/+1 counter to creatures or other artifacts.
Posted By: isidore94 (4/27/2011 9:44:28 AM)


Fun and flavorful, if underpowered.
Posted By: metalevolence (6/1/2011 4:06:31 PM)


A pretty fun way to spend your infinite colorless mana.
Posted By: Saikuba (6/5/2011 7:13:47 PM)


One of my favorite cards, mostly due to the completely incredible art. Absolutely fantastic, that steel jaw has gnashed on more than a few planeswalkers.
Posted By: Goatllama (11/22/2011 8:33:58 AM)