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Call me old fashioned but i believe in putting Kokusho on this and making the opponents pray they get a destroy artifact card before this wins me the game.
Posted By: Nillock (11/21/2012 10:44:53 PM)


Imprint Meddling Mage! It turns Magic: The Gathering into Go Fish.
You: "Ummmmmmmmm... do you have any Terminates?"
You: "Go fish. Do you have any... lightning bolts?"
Etc., and so on and so forth.

You: "I imprint... Dryad Arbor!"
Opponent: "NNNNNOOOOO!!!!!"

You: "I imprint... Relentless Rats!"
Opponent: "Oh..."
You: "And play Power Artifact on it!"
Opponent: "I..."
You: "And Doubling Season!!!"
Opponent: "..."

You: "I imprint... Ornithopter!"
Opponent: "Oh, great, a free blocker every turn. Wonderful. Your mother would be so proud."
You: "And Doubling Season!"
Opponent: "Oh, sure, TWO free blockers every turn. Because you will defeat me with your mighty 0/2 flyers."
You: "And Clock of Omens!"
Opponent: "...Oh. I see what you did there."
Posted By: Gilder_Bairn (5/16/2010 4:16:20 PM)


Use Shrieking Mogg on their turn to tap down all their dudes then swing away
Posted By: CrimsonBehelit (2/1/2012 10:15:42 PM)


You know, a simple combo would be using a classic Rat card that causes an opponent to discard.
"Oh, you just drew your card,
In response, get rid of it."
The first discard that can work at instant speeds.
Posted By: infernox10 (8/15/2010 2:27:22 PM)


like AEther Vial, you can put your creatures into play with this without having to worry about any color problems.

on top of this, there is an endless list of useful things you can do with imprinted creatures that provide you with cip effects or something similar every turn. a powerful weapon to create all kinds of interesting effects, like even soft-locks for example by using Chittering Rats.
Posted By: Mode (1/1/2009 9:17:57 PM)


If you're feeling like a real jerk, go for Goblin Settler. Blow up a land every turn. While you're at it, throw a few Goblin Grenades in your deck.

The possibilities with this thing are endless, great card.

Posted By: Gaussgoat (2/16/2010 11:49:31 AM)


Meddling Mage is a good idea for a control deck along with mystic Snake.
Posted By: themicronaut (8/29/2009 4:32:38 PM)


could be fun to crank out meddling mages.
Posted By: Forgeling (8/25/2009 4:20:09 PM)



Just so you can pick what creature to make each turn.

Any Ally
For *** and giggles.

Meddling Mage/Voidstone Gargoyle
To *** off your opponents. Use with Extract to get to know your opponent's decks.

Race Lords
For super big fatties

Ball Lightning
For super fatty damage.

Soul Warden and co.
For massive life

The list goes on.
Posted By: McThor (7/13/2010 10:32:28 PM)


Soul Foundry + Ornithoper + Dross Scorpion + your favorite sacrificial altar (Blasting Station, Grinding Station, etc.).
Posted By: Apocolypse_Prophet (5/3/2009 2:05:21 AM)


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