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My poker face makes this card a reliable draw engine.
Posted By: cathode01 (3/21/2011 4:33:56 PM)


good with Teferi's Puzzle Box or Mindmoil i would guess.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (4/10/2010 3:51:33 PM)


I don't think a lot of people are seeing the fun that can be had with this card. If I have a Counterspell in my hand, I can name it. If my opponent guesses no, I can either take the extra card or just refuse to show my hand and don't draw a card. He then assumes I don't have one and plays accordingly, allowing me to counter whatever it is he's been saving out of fear of having it countered. If he guesses yes, I can show it and make him play defensively out of fear of having his spell countered, or simply refuse to show it and see if he wants to call my bluff. Either way is a plus for me.

This card is designed to let you bluff your opponent into playing based on what he thinks is in your hand, and you can influence his thoughts on the matter. If you get the extra card, great, but if not, you still come out in good shape. Just keep in mind that the card says you may reveal your hand, not that you have to do so.
Posted By: TheMurderousKitten (8/15/2011 2:23:41 PM)


Probably strong, cheap card draw in EDH.
Posted By: auriscope (11/18/2010 6:56:21 PM)


Liar's Pendulum is a fantastically fun card that really brings the "interaction" part of the game. You can use it every single turn and it is essentially a 50/50 shot whether or not you draw a card. If I get it out early I mention basic lands or high casting cards and later in the game it turns into about a 60/40 chance in my favor if I draw a card.
Posted By: grothesk (3/2/2012 3:38:05 PM)


Not necessarily good, but always tons of fun. Used to play it in Niv EDH, but have since dismantled the deck. Creates good interaction, as said before, and interaction between players is why I enjoy Magic so much more than any other game.
Posted By: Atogatogatog (4/4/2012 9:31:46 PM)


Fun opportunity to test out how well you can fool people. Yay for encouraging prevarication!
Posted By: Zulp (9/28/2009 6:25:59 PM)


Except for the laughs it's a bad card.
If your opponent randomly guesses you draw a card 50% of the time, which is already investing 4 mana to draw a card every two turns, which is really bad. If your opponent knows what he's doing you might be around paying 6 mana to draw one card every three turns.
Posted By: majinara (11/14/2009 8:37:53 AM)


Uh, Cursed Scroll beats this.
Posted By: nammertime (11/30/2009 10:25:43 PM)


the le reddit r/mtg army and its leejun loves this card! 5 stars if you agree!
Posted By: hot4boys (1/22/2013 11:03:46 PM)