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Note please that this does not combo well with Zedruu. Everyone will just send the choker back your way to prevent you from drawing cards. This is assuming that you're playing multiplayer of course. 1 on 1 it should work fine.
Posted By: TPmanW (6/23/2011 10:50:28 PM)


This would be really, really entertaining in a multiplayer game. Kind of like playing hot potato, MTG style.
Posted By: Cactmoore (11/15/2011 9:56:59 AM)


@Foxplay: The ability goes on the stack before Bazaar Trader. Bazaar Trader's ability would resolve, granting your opponent the Choker, then the damage would resolve, dealing damage to you. Then your opponent would take one less damage from the Choker when their turn rolls around. Not a good thing to trade, really.
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (5/31/2013 11:54:41 AM)


Null Rod; counters cannot be removed. Run 4 chokers and the previously mentioned Personal Sanctuary for maximum lol.
Posted By: Emcee117 (1/30/2014 4:14:35 PM)


This saw play in Standard in a deck packing lots of mono red creatures/burn spells. It gave the deck a colorless way to power through control decks that otherwise could have stabilized and come back to win it. Worked well!
Posted By: da-odd-templar (4/9/2010 2:55:45 PM)


+ Imperial Mask = multiplayer shenanigans!
Posted By: MrBarrelRoll (6/26/2010 9:22:07 PM)


A rather playable version of Armageddon Clock that provides a lot of fun in multiplayer games.
The real kicker is running this card with something like Purity - don't hesitate putting some more counters on that Chocker then ;)
Posted By: Mode (8/2/2009 7:10:00 AM)


You can use pithing needle to shut the ability off, and it will do constant increasing damage.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (10/15/2010 6:26:38 PM)


Personal Sanctuary can save your neck.

Its also a colorless win con as part of any infinite mana combo.

Or you can Dismantle your Sun Droplet when the time is right.
Posted By: roguepariah (4/26/2012 6:55:21 AM)


Use with Handcuffs.
Posted By: boneclub (2/20/2011 4:54:25 PM)