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cryptic command is also about 10 bucks while this is, liek, 1.

Of course if you have the money, cryptic command is obviously better, but this is a good low budget option.
Posted By: mdakw576 (1/6/2010 2:47:36 AM)


Mana Leak
Power Sink

All legal at the same time. You wonder why Wizards started making an effort to weaken blue, huh?
Posted By: Lord_Ascapelion (11/29/2012 10:18:55 PM)


unless you already have 4 cryptic commands in your deck, add them instead of this. this is good, but Cryptic Command is better and more flexible.
Posted By: darkfury (11/15/2009 7:50:29 PM)


of the 4 casting counters, this, Rewind and Foil are the ones I'd ever use.
Posted By: Pontiac (3/26/2011 8:23:51 AM)


Holy crap. A counter that does not leave any gap in card advantage. In the words of Dr. John Zoidberg, "I'll take eight!"
Posted By: Totema (4/21/2012 11:00:32 PM)


It's like a Cryptic Command with fewer options. Almost as powerful too - say no to any spell and still draw a card on top of it.
Posted By: bowlofgumbo (9/10/2011 10:45:33 PM)


People complaining that this is "not as good as Cryptic Command" are showing a lack of understanding about card design. Cryptic Command is a rare, was part of a series of iconic uber-spells, and does have a slight casting cost disadvantage to offset its greater versatility. There is not a single blue player who wouldn't love to see this in standard; self-replacing counters will *always* be potent.
Posted By: grynning (2/15/2012 8:12:28 AM)


Self replacing counters.
Gotta love 'em.

Probably my equal 2nd favourite 4cmc counter spell, after Rewind, equal to Foil, and before Discombobulate (if only for name and ft).

Cryptic command is too expensive for me... I can only build pauper.

Still, very good card.
Posted By: Sharu (3/17/2012 4:25:13 AM)


While obviously Cryptic Command is a stronger card in general, don't discount how powerful this card is. By only having UU instead of UUU in its casting cost, it is much easier to splash for and use in three colour decks.

Posted By: Tamerlein (10/2/2013 8:36:57 PM)


I love this card. Fantastic. It's so simple and effective. I love how the way it says it in two simple sentences. "Counter target spell. Draw a card." Yeah sure Cryptic Command is better but there is something I just love about this card. Went well in the old school "Draw Go" decks. I really wish they would reprint this for M11 so we can have a decent counterspell in standard. At least give us our Mana Leak! I have never seen so many request to get a card printed for M11 than I do Mana Leak. We know you hear us wizards! We want our Mana Leak back! I'll take dismiss if you would rather do that, but you need to bring back at least one good counterspell! Cancel and Deprive and especially Unified Will are just not working out for me.

The flavor text is just fantastic as well.
Posted By: opinionfailure (6/4/2010 11:02:17 AM)