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2.5/5 cards. Looks like one of the earlier attempts at cards like Kyren Archive. Despite the huge backdraw in this card (the discarding), it is quite strong if you have no hand (pay 5 to draw 5). Especially if you can bounce it with something like Capsize. Still not that useful though. Great with Donate if you want your opponent to discard every turn and you want to effectively discard your hand to draw 5. Still not as good as Scroll Rack.
Posted By: kitsunewarlock (6/2/2009 1:03:47 PM)


Since its blue and costs 5 mana to play, i really gotta ask who would wana remove ther hand. This card really only works if ur hand is empty or maybe 1 from empty... but given blues ability to draw i really never see that happening.
Posted By: Marlo12345 (2/9/2010 9:47:53 PM)


Cards that have a similar effect and see much more play: Scroll Rack, Sensei's Divining Top, and Jace, the Mind Sculptor.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (9/7/2011 1:03:44 AM)


Just found this card in an old binder lying around. Can't wait to put it in my EDH deck! It might read like an early attempt at certain cards with similar function, but the only one that's that similar is Scroll Rack. The difference is that this costs no mana to use once it's in play. This card definitely got a LOT stronger with Damia, Sage of Stone coming out. Discard one card at end of turn, which means you just get MORE free cards during your upkeep? Plus, the excitement of this card is incredible since you have to remember your other "hand" without help. (If you write down your other hand, you're definitely violating the feeling of the card but I can't say I blame you or look down on you.) Playing two hands this way really brings the flavor of being a two-faced bastard across, too.
Posted By: Toan133 (10/6/2011 12:14:14 PM)


The idea of this card is not to draw cards, nor filter them (like scroll rack, which is also in tempest). The idea behind this card was to have 2 "hands" of cards. However, the balance of it (requiring you to discard each turn, and cost 5 mana) pretty much broke the card into pieces. I really hope they come out with an updated version (Perhaps referencing schizophrenia, or maybe a spirit that possesses the player or something)
Posted By: Vogie (2/10/2012 4:42:25 AM)


MaRo claims to have designed this card and calls it a "dud" in his column. He says that Moonring Mirror was his remake of this card.
Posted By: Morgaledh (9/1/2012 7:20:43 PM)


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