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It's an interesting catch 22, he's Unblockable but his stats scream 'living wall'. Perhaps it would alleviate things if he at least had Vigilance, so he could make guerilla strikes and still use his vastly superior toughness.
On the other hand, the idea of a flying squid is just too awesome to hate.
Posted By: GradiustheFox (2/9/2010 4:27:02 AM)


I had two of these guys in my ninja deck for awhile. Ultimately he was too expensive (and the double-blue was a killer since I had black to worry about), but his spray ability made creatures stop being black and thus far more susceptible to Throat Slitter and other creature removal. Plus, if I had extra mana at the end of a turn it was really fun to make people's creatures blue, be it out of frivolity or spite.

Between the weird and unexpected ways his ability would come in handy and the cleverness of how the flavor was translated into a gameplay mechanic, I think this is my absolute favorite Magic card. Way more entertaining to use than Metathran Transport
Posted By: MisterAction (6/3/2011 12:58:15 AM)


It doesn't scream living wall, it screams "Flying, Unblockable." That's the reason for such low power though, a 2/3 or even 2/2 flying unblockable for 1BlueBlue in tempest would seem alright. xD
Posted By: KarmasPayment (8/16/2010 10:47:15 PM)


I use this guy in EDH with a stupid-illy combo.

Homarid Spawning Bed
Empress Galina

Nobody ever sees it coming. Steal their general. Turn it blue if it isn't already. Eat it and make Camarid tokens. Freaking love it.
Posted By: endersblade (7/17/2011 10:07:11 PM)


Air Squid!!!
Posted By: chrizliu (4/12/2013 10:09:46 PM)


Not bad stats for his cost, but tricky to make his ability worth much. It seems to me best used in Red/Blue with Pyroblast or Red Elemental Blast or Blue with Whim of Volrath, but there are much better combos available.
Posted By: Nighthawk42 (9/11/2009 2:25:33 AM)


A 1/3 flying for 3 is really the only reason I gave this guy 1.5/5 stars instead of just 1. There are some neat combos you can do with his "spray" ability and stuff like Sleight of Mind or Whim of Volrath, but ultimately they are kind of lame. You can do neat stuff with it and cards that give this creature protection from blue (a sort of blue Eight-and-a-Half-Tails. But ultimately this guy is another look at how badly R&D was scared of anything resembling unblockable. Of course, in this case you only need to usually spray one or two creatures since its rare to see multitudes of flying non-blue creatures. Works well with Curiosity in limited.
Posted By: kitsunewarlock (6/2/2009 3:44:24 PM)



Wouldn't it be easier/better/cooler/more efficient to use any OTHER sac outlet than that overly complicated combo?
Posted By: SweetoothTKC (2/16/2012 11:15:22 PM)


Oh you're blue now? Let me introduce you to my friend Spinal Villain. Fun in Izzet decks sporting spells like Red Elemental Blast, as well, to serve as 1 mana creature kill.
Posted By: Equinox523 (5/16/2013 10:52:30 AM)


I think the key part of endersblade's combo is Empress Galina, and it might be Very Difficult to find better Legendary Stealing than that. The main point is to attack people's Generals in a sabotage kind of way, yes? And the Tokens are a nice way of certifying that you get some value in case they, you know, recast or reanimate or something dumb? (like they probably will?)

After verifying that, not only is Empress Galina the best card of the combo, but also probably a crucial part of the deck, period, then it follows to use the other cards from simple EDH logic:

What is Vorthos and Johnny and Silly and Crazy and a little bit bad but makes Moments of Awesome, is always the Correct Thing to Do, yes? =)

Empress Galina is a Freaky Fish Guy, so endersblade made a Freaky Fish Guys Deck ^_^

Posted By: DarthParallax (8/26/2013 10:45:11 AM)