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Indomitable Archangel equipped with Silverskin Armor in an artifact heavy deck.

Now your safe and your opponent is searching for a board sweeper.
Posted By: roguepariah (3/14/2011 7:38:27 AM)


I just run it with Darksteel Ingot, it is the perfect cmc and is a good card in its own right.
Posted By: Ichorix (5/20/2010 9:39:14 PM)


When i first saw this card it appeared to be some remake of Drop of Honey, and i was bugged that i wasn't going to be able to destroy my opponent's bigger threats since the Scales will destroy itself before.
Of course it's already useful by itself, therefore regenerating this card, making it indestructible or giving it shroud should proof useful to ensure that you won't have to destroy itself and can keep playing your own cards with a cc3 (or cc4 in the latter case).

A card that proofs to be useful in general is Forbidden Orchard since it will ensure that the Scales aren't going to destroy themselves.

But then i noticed this card actually doesn't care whether it's on the field when the ability resolves or not. What does that mean? Bounce it!
Aside from Capsize there aren't any reusable instants, and since the mana cost every turn isn't that appealing either (six for the bounce and three for the Scales), you should ... (see all)
Posted By: Mode (11/14/2009 3:22:51 AM)


I think the big catch of this card is that it gives off color decks a source of permanent destruction.
Posted By: spectermonger (6/16/2010 4:30:37 PM)


This + Privileged Position would solve the problem of "self-destruction".

Edit: Ah, damn. I just realized that Privileged Position grants super-shroud.
Posted By: Ameisenmeister (8/15/2010 2:12:31 PM)


Pretty cool card, combine it with Paradox Haze for double-destruction ^^
Posted By: Buderus (3/18/2011 3:09:38 PM)


Hm. The first thing my brain did when it saw the word "destroy" instead of "sacrifice" was recall Darksteel Forge, and use it in an all-artifact deck. Your stuff is safe, and their stuff dies, at least until it balances out and you have the lowest CMC of permanents in play, which will probably be around three, considering this thing's cost itself. Now that I think about it, that doesn't sound very efficient. There are better things you could be doing with your time.
Posted By: Zulp (5/19/2010 9:13:21 PM)


I just fell in love. This card is beautiful in ability, cost, flavor, and art. Wow.
Posted By: Goatllama (2/16/2011 7:57:27 PM)


Can't believe no one said this: Darksteel Myr That way it doesn't have to destroy itself
Oh, and if this card stops you from sleeping at night and you don't use tokens, Darksteel relic
Posted By: verzanix (5/20/2011 10:15:34 PM)


Well, my immediate reaction was to make it a land, but that is almost impossible, and certainly not elegant or worth doing. (March of the Machines + Xenograft + Life and Limb?) Running this with Forbidden Orchard as Mode suggested seems like a good idea. Your opponent is basically prevented from running anything cost less than 3, and that really messes up most decks. Especially the Zoo and Delver I have been seeing a lot of in modern. Sadly, everyone is running 4 copies of Ancient Grudge, so protecting the scales is going to be tough.
Posted By: Enelysios (3/21/2014 9:43:00 PM)


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