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Combo with squirrel nest = infinite 1/1 tokens
Posted By: funkmasta1805 (3/29/2011 8:42:48 PM)


also fun combo with Aggravated Assault
Posted By: Buridan (6/18/2011 3:22:29 AM)


They obviously thought they were balancing it, it only untaps basic lands. In theory that means it taps one creature for one mana. At the time, Squirrel Nest didn't exist, and land enchantments that gave extra mana were scarce, as were cheap non-tap token generating abilities. What made this broken was all the stuff that came after it To be fair, if they had designed around Earthcraft's existence, they would be crippling the design teams, since it's so combolicious, banning it was the better option.
Posted By: Atali (7/6/2011 12:19:04 PM)


@Allric: even with multiple earthcrafts, you're still only using the activated ability of one of them each time. if it was a triggered ability, like "whenever a creature becomes tapped", then you would be golden, but alas...

side note, Elvish Guidance and Fertile Ground are parts of other 3-card infinites with earthcraft.
Posted By: kronos539 (7/10/2010 11:16:37 PM)


Having four of these would NOT mean tap one get four untapped lands. Each enchantment has its own cost, you can't use the same creature to pay the cost for all of them.
Posted By: Xenocide1337 (3/7/2011 12:36:58 PM)


This + Animate Land + Darksteel Garrison and all your creatures get +inf/+inf until end of turn. Give Mage Slayer to whatever creature and shake your opponent's hand.
Posted By: S-r-ex (1/31/2012 6:06:05 AM)


This card is ridiculously powerful. It effectively makes all your creature's into mana producers like Llanowar Elves. Plus you can use the effect if the creature has summoning sickness. Combine with cards like Recycle or Glimpse of Nature to get a ridiculous amount of creatures...or Squirrel Nest to get infinite squirrels (quite famous win condition). The fact this broken enchantment only costs 2 makes it viable in Legacy and Vintage as a win condition tool...
Posted By: kitsunewarlock (6/2/2009 1:05:54 PM)


One part of a famous two-part combo involving Squirrel Nest.
Posted By: WotC_DaveG (11/11/2008 9:02:27 PM)


Before Tempest, green was an underplayed color. Then came together Tempest and Urza's Saga and tried to print the most broken enchantments ever on that color to test if they could be good enough to "balance" the banned and restricted list which up to that day consisted mostly on black and blue spells. That's how we got Earthcraft, Alluren, Recycle, Manabond, Abundance, Eladamri's Vineyard, Survival of the Fittest, Rancor, and Gaea's Cradle. (Okay, that one was a land). They finally got their wish and now you can only play Earthcraft on Vintage. I want my squirrels back! D:
Posted By: DrJones (4/29/2009 7:48:54 AM)


Honestly, who down at R&D thought this was fair?
Posted By: OMFGrhombus (7/11/2010 11:44:09 PM)